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Campus Happening

ITL Public School presents Experimental  Play  - JAL MANTHAN ..Kahani Boond Boond Ki,

As a part of its school wide, ongoing Save Water Movement, ITL Public School presented a spectacular experimental play ... JAL MANTHAN …Kahani Boond Boond Ki ”,  on 16 November , 2019.
The distinguished Chief GuestShri Upendra Prasad Singh, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Jal Shakti addressed the audience on  water conservation , importance of ground water & its optimal utilization for sustainable development.


The School Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya enlightened the gathering on the school’s efforts in orienting students to save one litre of water every day, replacing single use plastic & fostering students towards eco restructuring for sustainable development. The annual profile marked the riveting academic, sports and cultural excellence achieved by the school.
With more than thousand student participating, the show commenced with eulogizing the “PanchTatva - an invocation dance showcasing the divine balance of the Five Elements. The subtle and humorous nukkad natak depicted the alarming statistics and dire consequences of water scarcity.

The highlight of the evening, the experimental play –JalManthan – Kahani BoondBoond Ki– vibrantly chronicled the sensitive saga related to water rationing and hoardingexport of virtual water, Carbon & Water Footprints and pollution in Yamuna. The three stories aesthetically interfaced  between the water effected lives of people in 1859 Neel Andolan , the  rampant encroachment and urbanization  and the tormenting times in future  we may have to encounter if we are callous and indifferent towards this natural resource.

The profound message …. … Paani Sahi mein hamari chinta our chintan ka Vishay hai !!! was well brought  home by the unfolding of the cultural extravaganza. 

Report on Rendezvous with fathers
Venue: Respective classrooms
Date: 08 November 2019

"A child looks up at the stars and wonders, 
Great fathers put the child on their shoulders and help him grab the star."

Children’s Day is a reminder that every child deserves education, nurturing and the best of everything. They are the building blocks of the nation and hence, the future of the nation depends how well they are brought up. Parents are equal partners in the overall holistic development of their wards along with teachers and the school. Keeping this in mind, fathers of Class 3 were invited to the school to make learning a joyful activity for the children. Father's narrated stories, enacted some characters, organized quiz, indoor games, etc. Students were very excited and participated in these activities with full enthusiasm. Overall it was a fun-filled interaction with the kids and they were thrilled to see their fathers coming to the classroom to deliver valuable skills.


Venue: School auditorium
Date: 22 October 2019

“Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.”ITL Public School, in its extreme glory and grandeur, held the Scholar Badge Ceremony on 22 October 2019. The programme commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the Principal of the school Mrs. Sudha  Acharya. Invoking the blessings of the Almighty a resonating, melodious musical presentation was presented by the students. The little sunshines made everyone gasp with theirmystical musical and dance performance. The much awaited part of the ceremony was the distribution of scholar badges and certificates. The Principal felicitated the young achievers of grades III to V with badges, certificates and books. The ceremony was witnessed by the students of Class IV. Nukkad Natak on ‘Save Water’ was presented by the students of Class V. The programme ended on a very promising and positive note with a vote of thanks where a deep sense of gratitude was expressed to one and all present there.

Class-IV & V
 Day & Date-Thursday, 17 October 2019

‘Knowledge never fails you but always helps’
 ITL Public Schoolorganised a workshop for classes IV & V on Thursday, 17 October,2019 in the school auditorium.The workshop theme dealt explicitly about the significance of current affairs and general awareness in life. The Resource person,Mr. Muneeb Riaz  from Skill Sphere Education who is a eloquent public speaker explained how to link the current affairs with all subjects. He began to explain the importance of communication and soft skill development in today’s world citing the brilliant example of father of our nation-Mahatma Gandhi. He stressed on importance of knowing and then making opinions about people. 
The workshop concluded with the Vote of Thanks. Amidst heavy applause the workshop was a spectacular event, enlightening every individual student and broadening their perspectives .



Storytelling is a universal and traditional art form that has featured strongly in Indian culture as an effective communication tool.A workshop for story-telling was thus organized for classes I & II, by ITL Public School by Ms. ZeenyJhelumi, on 17th October 2019. The session was indeed valuable and distinct.A visit to far-off, apparently unapproachable wonder land requires wings of fantasy.The students of classes I and II learnt when they interacted with noted children’s author ZeenyJhelumi who took them on a whimsical journey across the sky with an imaginary father, who wanted to paint ‘A Glass Rainbow’ to present it as a perfect birthday gift to his daughter. Quite like the mottled hues of a rainbow, her other skills including storytelling, guitar playing and singing, lent additional flavour to the session and kept her young audience glued to their seats all through.
The students thoroughly enjoyed the session. They were even heard singing along with the author. 







“Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit.”

Keeping alive the tradition of excellence and awarding the young academic achievers, ITL Public School organised the Prize Distribution Ceremony for classes II & III on Friday, 27 September 2019 in the Multi-purpose Hall. The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Sudha Acharya. The program theme dealt explicitly about the significance of hard work and the emphasis the school lays on co-curricular activities, confidence building and team work. Invoking the blessings of the Almighty a resonating, melodious musical presentation was made by the students-Subah Savere Lekar Tera Naam…

Beaming with confidence, teaming with joy, marching towards the dias in a spectacular and orderly manner were the proud recipients. Principal Ma’am congratulated the meritorious students, who carved a niche for themselves. She applauded the dedication, determination and diligence of the students and felicitated them with a prize and certificate. She emphasized that any individual can live his life to fullest by being humble and contributing to the society. She urged the students to become better citizens of tomorrow. The felicitations were followed by a foot tapping dance number titled- Gyan ki Roshni.... The ceremony concluded with the Vote of Thanks followed by the National Anthem. Amidst heavy applause the ceremony was a spectacular event, conferring strength & encouragement upon every individual student.



Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others – Jack Welch

ITL Public School crowns its newly elected Student Council in the Investiture Ceremony on August 3, 2019. The solemn ceremony was graced by the illustrious and distinguished Chief Guest Major General Suresh Chandra Mohanty, AVSM, National Defence College, who addressed the newly elected council on values of tolerance & sacrifice, the quantum force of risk taking attribute which contributes towards success and that true leadership lies in personal example and inclusiveness.

The School Principal Ms Sudha Acharya congratulated all Council Members and inspired them to imbibe the virtues of a true  leader,  empathy and giving back to society. She relegated upon the emerging scenario which demands a complete balance between EQ, IQ, AQ & SQ & to take accountability with responsibility. With deep conviction she persuaded students to hone essential skills of personal and social competencies, conflict resolution, relation management, to be socially, morally and ethically responsible & technologically advanced citizens.

The cultural programe commenced with the pious rendition of the King of Majesty; followed by notable performance of dance choreography on importance of skill. Nukkad Natak appealed a prevention campaign for water and the urgency to save it, proclaiming its dire consequences.

The ceremony was solemnised with the administering of oath. Raghav Jain and Janvi Gupta of class XII were sworn in as the Head boy and Head girl respectively of the session 2019-2020

The Ceremony being significant and momentous, was the realization of one of the many spectrums of a larger vision, providing an excellent platform to the students’ council to be prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school.


DATE                                  :                       15 JULY- 19 JULY 2019
VENUE                               :                       ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL
ORGANIZED BY                :                       ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL
CONDUCTED BY               :                       CLASSES I – IX & XI

“Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation” – John Ruskin

Skill India is a campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 July 2015, and the current education policy appears to focus on the development of skills among the learners, which will bring about a revolutionary change and would generate a sense of relevance.

ITL Public School firmly believes in focusing on the holistic development of each child, giving every aspect of his/her intellect and spirit, room to reach its full potential through scholastic and co- scholastic activities.
With this aim, Skill India Week was observed on the theme “HASTSHILP”, from 15 July – 19 July 2019. Keeping in mind the objective of recycling and promoting sustainable development, a gamut of activities were planned, using a lot of waste materials to make different utility items.  These activities not only helped to enhance creativity, aestheticism, decision making, team work and leadership skills among the students but also to inculcate awareness, love and attachment towards the rich culture and heritage of our country.

With the motto of empowering young learners with life skills not only the senior students but also the juniors participated passionately in Skill Week activities.

The students of Class I made aesthetic Coconut Shell Candle using coconut shells and embellished them with mirrors, sandpaper etc. A resource person, Ms. Alka was invited from The Times of India to impart the skill of Newspaper Basket Making to the students of Class II. Students used old newspaper, glue and colours to make colourful and eco-friendly baskets with the rolled newspaper strips. Students of Class III used the twigs and branches which we usually throw away to design and make beautiful Flower pots, which were later painted. Mat making Activity was organized for Class IV students, after being taught how to reuse old clothes/ fabric and turn it into beautiful door mat, which are an indispensable part of households. Rug Rag Loom Activity was organized for Class V students, who created impressive rugs using wool under the guidance of Ms. Neetica from Hindustan Times.

The students of Classes VI were given an opportunity to showcase their inner talent by weaving newspaper strips into Paper bags. On the other hand Class VII created Handmade Flowers made from colourful and vibrant origami sheets. Magnificent Madhubani trays were made by the students of Class VIII.


Class IX showed their enthusiasm and brilliance as they rendered their skills in making beautiful Candle Stands with the help of waste materials like used plastic spoons, shilpkar clay, fabric colours etc. This activity indeed enhanced their creative zeal and zest for Artistry. Class XI were engaged in making Storage Boxes with magazine paper strips and Decoupage Coasters using wooden plies of circular shape, thin decoupage tissues and paints. Thus, all the children learnt how to make aesthetically, utility goods using mostly waste materials. The week provided an extremely enriching experience for the students and gave the budding entrepreneurs a rich learning experience as they got a potent platform to learn and have hands on experience in different skills and activities.


ITL Public School celebrated World Biodiversity day on May 22, 2019. The theme of world biodiversity day 2019 is “Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health”.

This year’s celebrations of the International day for biological diversity focused on biodiversity as the foundation for our food and health and a key catalyst to transform food systems and improve human health. The theme aims to leverage knowledge and spread awareness of the dependence of our food systems, nutrition and health on biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. The awareness was spread among students by giving substantial information on importance of biodiversity. Videos and inspirational talks of environmentalists were shown through smart boards thus sensitising students to this important issue. Thereafter the theme was discussed in classes and all the students gave their valuable inputs. Observing the day was a great learning experience for all.


ITL Public school celebrated Wellness Week from 29th April to 2 May 2019. The celebration was an endeavor to invoke among students and teachers an understanding of spiritual consciousness, integrating it with physical and mental health to achieve their full potential. Each day of the week had a designated theme aiming for holistic development.
Tiny tots of class I participated in the Active Trail Activity where they followed a trail by jumping, hopping and walking before reaching the finish line. Students of class II were engaged in Heart’s Health Activity where they closed their eyes to observe their heart beat and performed various breathing exercises. Yoga session organized for students of class III helped them understand its positive effects on the mind, body and soul.
The week for the senior students commenced with every day chanting of OM, orientation on the various themes of the days and activities on Invoking Spiritual Consciousness and Building Community Awareness, Yoga and Aerobics, Mindful Eating, Presentation on -Affection of Gadgets to Addiction of Gadgets and a nukkad natak on the magnitude of holistic development of the self.
Performances of girls from the Bharat Vihar Community, in collaboration with ACTION INDIA, bhajan recitals by the students from the Home of the Visually Challenged reaffirmed the faith and propagated that each person has the right to an environment, respect, and dignity and be recognized as the part of the diverse society.
The Chief Guest Mr. Debashish Mukherjee, mentor from the Rama Krishna Mission in his speech spoke about spiritual awareness and amalgamation of mind, body and soul and how it will help in existing and living in this world.

All activities were aligned with the seven dimensions of wellness thus creating positive and life-long social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, mental, and physical habits and to reinforce that celebration of wellness is the beginning of realization of one’s potential and leading a contended and joyous life.


Day / Date                              :           Monday, 11 February 2019
Conducted at                        :            ITL Public School
Attended by                          :            Parents & Scholars of Classes VI to XII
Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way….Booker T. Washington.

The Scholar Badge Ceremony for the session was held at ITL Public School on 11 February, 2019 to recognize, appreciate and felicitate the achievements of worthy ITLeens of Classes VI-XII in scholastics. The programme had a successive Award Felicitation from Classes VI to XII.

The august gathering comprising of the achievers, their parents and the PTA Body were formally welcomed. The School Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya congratulated the achievers who by dint of their merit, conscientiousness, commitment and focused attitude have proved their distinctiveness and uniqueness The Principal in her address highlighted the overpowering role of social media on the present generation  in creating instant gratification  and advised that in this age of information explosion, parents and teachers have indeed a crucial role in guiding the students to the right path of overall wellness. She cautioned the ITLeens from becoming scoring machines and that they should emerge as useful global citizens.

The ceremony commenced with awarding trophies and certificates to the students who performed exceptionally well in the Board Examination of Classes XII and X– the stream toppers, subject toppers, 100% attendance followed with the felicitation of the achievers of Class VI-IX and XI.

A short cultural programme was held to mark the commemoration of the grand juncture. The enriching extravaganza comprised of a solo classical dance performance which had won the first position at the zonal level and a vibrant Qawaali performance winning the first position at the Inter Zonal and Zonal level. This ceremony surely enkindled scintillating spark of enthusiasm in others.

The prize winners enthused with confidence vowed to always act as trendsetters for the school nurturing the values of truth and integrity while aiming for academic excellence.


…..bidding adieu to outgoing batch of class XII

We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,don’t know when,
But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.”

                                                              -Vera Lynn (We’ll Meet Again)

ITL Public School organized Amantray  the gala Farewell Ceremony, on January 30, 2019,   to bid an affectionate adieu to the outgoing batch of Class XII  ( 2018-19).The day was a fiesta to  mark the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce the precious and joyous moments.

The hosts of this phenomenal occasion were the enthusiastic students of Class XI. The valedictory function commenced with the lighting of the auspicious lamp by the School Principal Ms Sudha Acharya followed by her motivating speech inspiring students to be committed and compassionate in their journey of life and to uphold the values of perseverance and continued efforts, working on inherent strengths. Her reiteration on preserving the sanctity of mind, soul and heart touched each student. She emphasized upon students being proactive and grooming themselves for upcoming career options and be future ready. Her inputs on healthy eating during exams were an eye opener.

Thereafter the grounds pulsated with the performances by students of Class XI. The robust beats of the Rock Band, a hilarious skit featuring the lives of students—the lavish range of events sprinkled fun, frolic and celebration to the ambience. The spirit of nostalgia ran high when titles such as “Stellar Students ” “Ingenious Idol”, “Bouyant Belle”, “Sports Sensation Of ITL”, “ Student of the Year”, “ The Ted Talker” were conferred on the  students by the Principal based on the distinctive qualities & merits of the students. The powerful yet touching  rendition of a self composed poem by Aasees Kaur took  the students down the memory lane.

The highlight of the show was a ravishing Ramp Walk. The grace, the poise, the ability of sharp wit brought the coveted titles of the Dame of the Evening and  the Knight of the Evening to Akansha Makker and Manishwar Mehta, respectively

All through the show the smart anchoring of the comperes laced with wit, humor, eloquent epithets charmed every one..

The students went gaga on the culmination - an incredible dance performance by the teachers showing their love for students.

Each student of the outgoing batch was presented with a souvenir as a token of love and affection. The great evening ended with the Cake Cutting Ceremony and a sumptuous and delicious Snacks Party for students


ITL Public School hosted the two day CBSE Regional Science Exhibition 2018-19 on January 22nd and 23rd 2019. This two day insightful mega event focused on promoting interest in science and technology among younger generations, encourage creative and design thinking, promote psychomotor skills among students through self designed models thereby inculcating a sense of pride in their talent.

The Chief Guest, eminent educationist, Secretary CBSE, Mr Anurag Tripathi IRPS inaugurated the magnum opus science exhibition and ITL Public School’s innovation hub, the Atal Tinkering Lab-.a platform for  students and neighborhood schools for action research, creative thinking and innovation. In his address, he reiterated upon the impact of life skills, experiential learning and pedagogical advancement through differentiated instructions. Dr Sweta Singh, Joint Secretary, CBSE (Academics) graced the event as the Guest of Honour. Ms Pragya Verma, CBSE Observer marked the event with her benign presence. Principal ITL Public School, Ms Sudha Acharya invited the students & teachers of Government schools and Principals of Sankalp Sahodaya South -West Delhi schools to visit the newly established Atal Tinkering Lab and the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition.

This year’s theme for the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition is -Scientific Solution for Challenges in Life with six subthemes as - Agriculture and Organic Farming, Health and Cleanliness, Resource Management, Waste Management, Transport and Communication & Mathematical Modeling. A panel of erudite judges, all pioneers in the field of scientific advancement and indigenous innovation - observed, interacted, evaluated and appreciated each exhibit and presentations.

The Valedictory Session marked the presence of the distinguished CBSE Director (Skill Education & Innovation) Dr. Biswajit Saha who addressed the gathering. Envisaging the need of the future, he relegated upon Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Internet Safety and taking the winds of change by innovation, mutual sharing of ideas and giving back to the society. The 20 selected teams were congratulated for their outstanding ideas which included projects like Life Mask, Smart dustbin, CNC machine, Anthelia herbal products, Badhaheen-future car, Shvaask-Respobuddy etc . The exhibits were evaluated by judges for selection for National Level on the basis of creativity, imagination, originality, scientific Principle, technical skills, utility for society, economic portability, applicability in future, presentation etc. These shortlisted teams will participate in the National Science Exhibition which will be held on 8 & 9 February 2019.

Principal ITL Public School, Ms Sudha Acharya congratulated all the participating teams and appreciated their novel projects.

It’s in exhibitions like these, that active  leaning takes place where students get exposed to ownership for societal needs, life skills and impact of team building- all the essentials for overall excellence!.

ITL Organises Skill Bazaar 2018 : a step towards Sustainable Eco friendly Environment

In an attempt to empower the students with skills, ITL Public School has been recurrently focusing into building skill development opportunities which finally culminated into Skill Bazar, 2018. Keeping in  accordance with the national vision of Kushal Bharat- Kaushal Bharat, the school wide Skill Bazar displayed varied range of products under Start Up Project with the brand name Anthelia .This included Car Freshner, Toilet Seat Sanitizer, Enzymatic Glass Cleaner, Herbal Shampoo, Organic Hand Sanitizer, Room Freshner, Disinfectant Spray and Organic charcoal Soap- all ecofriendly, herbal , natural and non toxic which were made from herbs , grown in the very own herbal garden of the school- Sanjeevini Vatika. All these products are antibacterial, antifungal, paraben free and clinically approved.

The other remarkable features included the Ecofriendly Cloth Folders which caught the fancy of every passer by.With the noble endeavour to make the school campus a plastic, litter and pollution free zone, students created Aesthetically Designed Recycled Glass Bottle Art. With recycling being the mantra, the students showcased their creative pursuits by presenting table mats and coasters made from recycled clothes, Eye catchy Floor Murals, vibrant Tie and Dye products and paper mache masks .Old and wasted cement dipped and dried Towel flower pots made by the preprimary left  the parents in complete awe.
The efforts and innovation of ITLeens received huge appreciation from all parents who visited the Skill Bazaar.

The mega event had the students engaging and forming a marketing strategy which involved Pricing, Labelling, Branding and Advertising .This exceptional venture of entrepreneurship could be successful only because of the lofty vision of the School Principal, Ms Sudha Acharya.
ITL believes that small steps can contribute in a big way to a transition from an unhealthy chemically based lifestyle to a natural lifestyle thereby contributing towards the overall well-being of the society.


Venue: School auditorium
Date: 6 October 2018

“Winners are not the people who never fail but the people who never quit.”

ITL Public School, in its extreme glory and grandeur, held the Scholar Badge Ceremony on 6 October 2018. The programme commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, Mr. Sushil Kumar, Deputy Director of Education, Zone 21, South West District accompanied by the Principal of the school Mrs. Sudha Acharya. The show began by extending a warm welcome to the august gathering. The Principal briefed the gathering about the significance of the scholar badges, confidence building and team work. The Principal spoke about the pros and cons of social media and the requirement of continuous monitoring to be done by parents.  Ms Sudha Acharya emphasised that our children are our responsibility therefore entitlement parenting should be dicouraged. Invoking the blessings of the Almighty a resonating, melodious musical presentation was made by the students. The little sunshines made everyone gasp with their mystical musical and dance performance. A thought provoking poem on theme Swachata hi Sewa Hai was recited.

The much awaited part of the ceremony was the distribution of scholar badges and certificates. The Chief Guest and Principal felicitated the young achievers of grades 3 to 5 with badges and certificates. The ceremony was witnessed by the proud parents of the achievers. The programme ended on a very promising and positive note with a vote of thanks presented by Head Girl Samriddhi Srivastava and Vice Head Girl Anshika Sharma expressing their gratitude to everyone present.


Swachhta Hi Seva Campaign At ITL Public School

It is a proud privilege that ITL Public School had been nominated as one of the institutions for Prime Minister’s impassioned call on the spread of the unprecedented campaign towards Swachhta Hi Seva on 15 September, 2018.

The day focused on, sensitizing, reinforcing and mobilizing the students towards contributing to a cleaner environment. The school arranged for the live telecast of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s message to the nation on this special occasion.

Nukkad Natak and a Rally were organized in the school campus and the adjoining areas to sensitize students and residents against the use of plastics. The students collected plastic wastes from the surroundings and raised slogans on the environmental hazards associated with its usage. In another activity, the students participated in E-waste Collection Drive and rendered their views on the need for its appropriate segregation and management and options that can be implemented by Reusing, Refurbishing or RecyclingLive Working Models like Hydraulic cranes, Floor Cleaner machine etc. were prepared using the collected e-wastes.  A debate on ‘Disposal of E-waste is the responsibility of the User’ gave the participants opportunities to refine their critical thinking and internalizing them on this topic that needs utmost attention, care and concern.

The in-house manufactured herbal products made by the students under the brand name Anthelia were exhibited, wherein they showcased their products like Herbal Hand Sanitiser, Disinfectants, Floor Cleaners, Neem Based Mosquito Repellant and Dish Washers .A Folder Making activity was conducted where in the students made folders from jute – a more durable and eco-friendly fiber thus promoting aesthetic utility of eco-friendly products. Poetry on the theme Swacchta – A fight for cleanliness was a potent platform   where the primary students expressed their deep rooted concern on this surmounting issue.

Dr Pragya Verma, Assistant Secretary, Academics, CBSE joined the participating students and teachers in these activities. The Doordarshan team visited school to give live coverage to the activities propagating the message of Swacchta.

Swachhta Hi Seva campaign was a great success and inculcated a sense of being healthy and maintaining hygiene in each and every individual .These activities also provided an impetus to our students and staff towards working in tandem with the national concern, thereby creating a cleaner, hygienic & healthier world around them. The school looks forward to being partners in more such activities thus being causative in taking nation to greater heights!!!


Safety Walk at ITL Public School

The SURAKSHA COMMITTEE of ITL Public School organized a Safety Walk on September 10, 2018 in the school premises to address the safety checks as per the guidelines of NPSC. The agenda was to examine the school premises for possible infrastructural elements which could pose potential danger and their rectification.

All doors and gates, school boundary walls, roofs, under and overhead tanks, RO plant,  swimming pool, canteen area, washrooms, fire exits, electric panels, windows and shafts were thoroughly examined taking into account the laid down parameters

The following areas seek early redressal to enhance the safe and secure premises :

  • A covering net to be present at the foyers
  • Gates of the foyers to be locked
  • The railings near the staircase, third floor junior building and behind auditorium to be increased
  • Cleaning of all the shafts
  • Covering of the uncovered electric panels especially in shafts
  • Broken latches to be replaced and put up at nominal height in the junior building to make it accessible for students

The school has progressively administered measures to provide a safe environment for its students and would further be increasing its level of safety and welfare by incorporating the above mentioned measures.


ITLeens Organize Special Assembly to Pay Tribute to their Teachers on Teachers Day

Date/Day                               :           5 September, 2018
Venue                                    :           ITL Public School
Organised by                       :           Students of Class XII
Attended by                         :          Students of Senior Secondary Classes.

The students of ITL Public School organized a Special Assembly to pay a heartfelt reverence to their gurus. On this special day for Teachers, the students recognised the great roles of Teachers in the comprehensive growth and success of a student.

A short cultural programme was held to mark this special day. The enthralling performance of the School Band endowed the teachers with the lavish experience of traversing down the memory lane and basking in the divine and sweet melody of retro songs. A hilarious and entertaining skit was presented to add a vibrant shade to the occasion.

As a prelude to Teachers Day Celebration, the senior students made a sincere effort to impart to their juniors the value of Teacher Student relationship and the sacred bond that ties them. The changing Student -Teacher relationship in the present scenario is a cause of concern and worry to all. The students of TEDx and Debate club interacted with students of all classes on this sensitive issue. They cited examples where teachers have been treated with insensitivity and ignominy. The Student Council elicited the responses of students and scrutinized the reasons behind such changing attitudes. The students took a pledge to always respect the Gurus and ever nurture the virtues of humility, modesty and to always respect their Teachers.


On this auspicious occasion the students recognized the immense contribution of the School Principal Ms Sudha Acharya in shaping their lives in the right path all through the years of their school life.

The occasion saw ITLeens passionately express their gratitude towards the teachers ... who always morally and emotionally support them and help them achieve all their dreams.



Date                            : 31.08.2018
Venue                         : ITL Public School
Organised By            : ITL Public School
Conducted By           : IC3

ITL Public School hosted the prestigious INTERNATIONAL CAREER & COLLEGE COUNSELING (IC3) - FAIR AND SYMPOSIUM 2018 for the parents and students of Classes XI and XII in the School premises on 31st August, 2018. Delegates and representatives of more than 60 Universities from around the world participated in the Symposium giving concrete ideas to students on Where to Study, What to Study and How to Make it Happen. The session saw an overwhelming response wherein over 1200 students attended the fair with their teachers from more than 20 schools across South Delhi. 
The event gave a potent opportunity to the students to interact with more than 60 representatives of different Foreign and Indian  universities like Bond  University (Australia), Queen’s University (Canada), Durham University(UK), Ashoka University India) etc. The event gave an effective forum to the students to enquire about various courses the universities offer and to explore the opportunities that would help students shape their choices for higher education.

The students also gained substantial knowledge and understanding about college education as they attended 12 different tailor made workshops on counelling. The topics taken up in such sessions were – Course / College... Which is Important, Profile Building and Self Exploration for College Admission, Unexplored Careers, Careers in Communication and Management to name a few.
Parents were also invited to be a part of Symposium so that they are equipped with consolidated knowledge to guide their children in the right direction.
The event, with the goal of empowering the schools to run a robust, fully functional career, was highly successful. The fair brought together high school leaders and higher education representatives to support students at home and around the world


ITL Public School crowned its newly elected Student Council in the Investiture Ceremony on 25 August, 2018. The solemn ceremony was graced by the Chief Guest, Mr. R.P. Upadhyay, IPS Special Commissioner (Law and Order) South. With fervour in his speech, he expressed his deep concern on school and student safety issues as he related to recent mishaps in schools and the staggering number of road accidents. While admonishing students on the mantra for success, he stressed upon the importance of hard work & determination. The Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya opined her views on leadership based on personal & positional power. She reiterated on working as a team in conjunction with smart goals. As a crucial pointer to reach the zenith of success, she relegated on people skill rather than technical or managerial skill. Taking a step further she guided the students to always try to emulate the most difficult path and not to be scared of taking risks..!

The ceremony was solemnised with the administering of oath. All the office bearers assumed their roles with great sanctity and gusto. Anirudh Mehra and Niyati Sharma were sworn in as the Head boy and Head girl respectively for the session 2018-19.

An entertaining cultural programme was another hallmark of the ceremony. The beautiful rendition of the song “Nayi Umeedein….” celebrated the spirit of new dreams and hope. The fusion theme dance on Leadership interfaced upon the qualities of a mentor.  This was followed by a Nukkad Natak on Organ Donation which advocated the paradoxes and ambiguity behind the mindset when it comes to organ donation.

As they say well begun is half done, the enthusiasm and zeal of the student council filled the air with gaiety and exuberance, hoping for many pedestals to be escalated. Way to go ITL…!


A Brainstorming Session was organized by Central Board of Secondary Education on 4th July, 2018 at ITL Public School, Dwarka to frame a comprehensive policy for providing support to children with disabilities in their education and examination.  Representatives of different State School Education Boards, NIOS, ICSE, IGNOU, NCERT, Open Schools of different States and NGOs, Principals of various schools, Special Educators and Parents of children with different disabilities participated for wider discussion in preparing a comprehensive policy. A sign language interpreter was present for the convenience of deaf and dumb participants.

In her keynote address, Honorable Chairperson CBSE Ms. Anita Karwal, IAS, apprised the participants with the facilities and exemptions provided by the Board for the benefit of the children with special needs. 

The Session commenced with divine rendition of Shloka chanting by special need student- Pranav Gouhari of class XI-F & motivational group song ‘Nayi Ummeedein’ by the students of ITL Public School. Principal ITL Public School, Ms. Sudha Acharya, felicitated the CBSE Chairperson, Smt. Anita Karwal, IAS & welcomed the august gathering of the stalwarts of CBSE.

Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Director (Academics) acquainted the participants with the facilities and exemptions extended by CBSE to the children with disabilities in details.
The participants were divided into 06 working groups wherein they discussed disability specific support plan on curriculum adaptations, pedagogies, physical environment, methods of assessment, technological interventions, assistive devices and accommodations or exemptions in Board examinations.

Having all the reputed and eminent scholars under one roof, this unique brainstorming session concluded with thought provoking and reformative best practices in pedagogy so as to evolve an all-encompassing and comprehensive policy in education.

Class I Presentation : Snow white

Day/Date                    :           Saturday, 24 February 2018                                                          
Conducted by            :           Students of class I
Attended by               :           Parents of Class I
Venue                         :           Auditorium (ITL Public School)

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale”

Everyone, regardless of age, loves a fairy tale. Like the magical characters they portray, fairy tales have a power that transcends time and place. Fairy tales spark the imagination which is fundamental aspect of children’s development and anything that feeds it isn’t just useful but absolutely essential.

The young ITLeens of Class I presented the classic fairy tale-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the school auditorium on Saturday, 24 February 2018.The lovely decor gave the audience a feel of entering a fairy tale. The lovely quotes and flowers on either side of the red carpet, the colourful balloon passage to the auditorium ,the beautiful and intricate hangings of  big red apples, the fairies and dwarfs, the castle and jungle scene, the props like magical mirror were perfect to introduce and set the audience’s mood for the most enchanting fairy tale of all times.

The school Principal Mrs. Sudha Acharya graced the occasion with her presence and boosted the morale of the participants. The budding actors on the stage left everyone spellbound by their real like performance. The majestic performance by the little ones transported the audience to a magical dream world of prince, princess, fairies and witches.

The enactment would certainly prepare the young learners to stay safe, be kind to others, forgive meanness and work hard. The presentation was appreciated by one and all present there. Parents appreciated the hard work by the meticulous teachers for making their child perform with such ease on the stage. It was truly a feast for the eyes. Its melody would linger in our ears and its beauty would stay in our hearts for a long long time.  



Class II Presentation
My Family My Pride

Day/Date                    :           Saturday, 3 February 2018 
Conducted by            :           Students of class II
Attended by               :           Parents of Class II
Venue                         :           Auditorium (ITL Public School)


Family is not an important thing. It's everything”

A presentation was organized at ITL Public School on 03 February 2018 by the students of Class II with the theme ‘My Family, My Pride.’ Young ITLeens conveyed a strong message that ‘Family is a link to our past and bridge to our future.’ The event started with the auspicious lighting of lamp. The Principal of the school, Ms Sudha Acharya graced the occasion by her benign presence and was formally welcomed by the Deputy Headmistress of the Primary Wing.

The presentation began with an Invocation Song seeking the blessings of almighty.

The students were a picture of grace and poise and the stage came alive with their performances. The speakers reiterated the importance of loving your family and spending quality time with each other. They made everyone realise that family plays an important role in raising a child, instilling moral values and shaping up one’s personality and beliefs for many years ahead. The enchanting performances of the students earned rich encomiums from all the parents.

A parent class II Mrs. Neelam Matai shared her view on parenting and expressed her concern how fast the value system is loosing its importance in our society due to the race everyone is into shared her view on stage and congratulated the school for taking such an edifying topic which requires a quick moral action on everybody’s part. The students truly outdid themselves and stole everyone’s heart with their mesmerizing performance. The one–hour long show held the audience in awe and left them enlightened as the show culminated. The enactment of Hansa Family& their rib cracking jokes added humour to the event.



CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2017-2018

Organized by :           ITL Public School
Conducted by:           Mr Ajay Poonia
Attended by   :           Students of 80 Schools of Delhi.
Date                :           2 February, 2018
Venue             :           Auditorium, ITL Public School.

CBSE always endeavours to inculcate in young learners a passionate love and attachment towards the country's opulent culture and heritage. In sync with this noble intiative ITL hosted CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2017-2018 on 2 February 2018. The quizmaster for the session was Mr Ajay Poonia, the co founder of www.qryphtc.com, the author of a series of Quiz books for classes I- VII and the Heritage India Quiz Book with CBSE

The quiz session saw the enthusiastic participation of 90 reputed schools of Delhi. The preliminary round was a written one wherein the students' knowledge of history and heritage was tested and the best 6 teams were selected. The selected teams were Amity International School, Saket, Bal Bharti Public School, GRH Marg, DPS Rohini, Vikas Bharti School Rohini, ST. George's School, Alaknanda and the host school  ITL Public School, Dwarka.....they became the City Finalists along with Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar who had already qualified as City Finalist.

A short cultural programme was staged to mark this special event and to cordially welcome all participating schools. The cultural programme comprised of a soulful song presentation 'Manzil Mil Jayegi Jab Chalenge Eksath', a virtual tour to Humayun tomb through a striking documentary made by ITLeens and a powerpoint presentation presenting a visual treat to certain historic, path breaking cross paths of our journey towards Independent India, an audio visual clipping of the Father of the Nation which captured the actual voice of the Mahatma. The other highlights of the cultural extravaganza included a video footage on New Delhi... how our city looked on the day when we received Independence, Jawaharlal Nehru's speech 'Tryst with Destiny', Indira Gandhi's interview by BBC, an epic video where our memorable astronaut Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma declared that India looks 'Saare Jahan se achha' in answer to the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's question how India looks from space.

Out of the seven selected teams, the Regional Finalists Were Ahlcon International School, St. George's School, Alaknanda and ITL Public School, Dwarka. The final round was played between these three Regional Finalists  and three other teams who had already qualified as Regional Finalists - Indian School, Al Wadi Al Kabir, Oman, Muscat, New Era Public School, Mayapuri and Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, New Era Public School secured the coveted first position followed by Ahlcon International School at the second position and ITL Public School at the third position. Kudos to the winning teams!! Surely these bright kids will spread rays of enlightenment all around!!!


Hasta Leugo...A heartfelt adieu

Day/Date                    :           Friday, 5 January 2018

Conducted by            :           Students of class XI

Attended by               :           Students of Class XII

Venue                         :           Auditorium (ITL Public School)

Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end....they simply mean we shall miss you. A strong wave of diverse emotions, sentiments, nostalgia ran high as students of Class XI of ITL Public School organised the Farewell Ceremony Hasta Leugo.. meaning "See You Soon" on 5 January 2018 to bid a passionate goodbye to the outgoing batch of class XII. The inaugural event was a rocking performance of the School Band which was a perfect blend of melody and emotion.

The Principal of the School Ms Sudha Acharya blessed the students highlighting the need to be diligent, to be ever aware and mindful, refraining from escapism and upholding a balanced attitude towards life thus motivating them and saying that each one is unique and each one owes the responsibility to give back to the society. The witty and smart anchors, the hilarious skit, the sprightly dance performance, the gorgeous Ramp Walk... the lavish range of events sprinkled fun, frolic and celebration to the ambience.

The highlight of the show was the conferring of titles like Sovereign of Scholastics, The Dignified Diplomat, The Peerless Pearl, Aesthetic Adroit, Ms Congeniality based on their distinctive quality and merit. The covetous titles of Lady of the Evening and Gentleman of the Evening were conferred upon Jhanvi Jolly and Akshay Chauhan of Class XIIth respectively. The teachers also put up an entertaining skit,  full of fun and hilarity depicting scenes of PTM, the trauma of Board preparation and getting admit card, flashes of blessing ceremony and board result.

The event culminated with the cake cutting ceremony and dancing to peppy numbers. The students left the school overwhelmed with emotions, eyes gleaming with fond memories, heart brimming with love longing to affectionately embrace each lovely moment.

ITL wishes all students of class XIIth good luck in all their future endevours.



DATE                                  :                       30 DECEMBER 2017
VENUE                               :                       ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL
ORGANISED BY                :                       ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL
CONDUCTED BY               :                       MS. SUDHA ACHARYA
ATTENDED BY                  :                       STUDENTS & PARENTS OF CLASS X


 “Even if things don't unfold the way you expected, don't be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.” 

Exploring career options is an important step on the road to adulthood. The subject stream that students take in high school affect the choices they have when applying for college, which in turn affects the career, they embark on. Having an idea of where they want to be in the next five to ten years will get them started in the right direction and the mentors play a pivotal role in the students’ life as their career partners.

 In order to facilitate students of Class X and their parents to take a well informed decision at this crucial juncture of life, the school organized an Orientation Programme for Stream Selection in Class XI on 30 December 2017. The very dynamic and sagacious school Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya conducted the expert session and gave valuable guidance to students and parents alike. Highlighting the upcoming career avenues in Entrepreunership, Actuarial Sciences & Geo Spatial Sciences, she implored them to make good choices today so that they don’t have to regret tomorrow. Advising the parents to refrain from the little emperor syndrome, she also emphasized on the brand value of Delhi University.

Two of the many prudent advices given by her were to “unite their avocation with their vocation” in the pursuit of happiness and to choose ‘THE ROAD NOT TAKEN’ and opt for the unconventional subject combinations offered by the school so that there is a scope to diversify later in life.

Parents also seemed to have done an extensive research on the subject and queried Principal Ms. Acharya about the scope of various subject combinations. The anxiety of parents and students was quite understandable. After all students are the CEO of their lives and they need to develop life strategies for long-term and short-term goals to excel in life.

Here’s wishing them good luck for their future endeavours!



It is a matter of great pleasure and pride for me to express my deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness for the inspiring and gracious presence of the resource person, Ms. Ritu V Primlani, at ITL Public School for NPSC Students Symposium on Wednesday, 20 December, 2017.  A renowned Environmentalist, Somatic Therapist, Professor, Actor, Tri-athlete, Stand-up comedian, Ms. Primlani sensitized the students on professional and personal relationship and addressed the issues which formal education does not fill currently. The workshop was enthusiastically attended by students and teachers of 12 NPSC schools.

The module on ‘Setting Boundaries’ discussed emotional, auditory, visual and spatial boundaries. Ms. Primlani reiterated on acknowledging SILENCE as a ‘NO’. She highlighted upon the repercussions of trespassing boundaries and flouting them, the concept of consent, concept of saying ‘NO’ and its inherent power, the importance of giving personal space in  professional relations, ways to release CHOKE HOLD – a self - defense technique…… were few, among  many vital and thought pondering issues discussed during the interactive session.  Importance of mutual trust and respecting boundaries as a yardstick to harmonious living, were emphasized upon. This mesmerizing and thought provoking session was thoroughly absorbed by both students and teachers alike. With judicious streaks of comedy and cutting edge wit and humour, the session engaged the students to the path breaking way of mindful living.

It's precisely in sessions like these that students receive maximum benefits from resource persons..!


Class III Presentation


Class: III

Date: 16 December 2017

Venue: School Auditorium

The young ITLeens of Class III enacted the great epic - The Ramayana on 16 December 2017 at School Auditorium. The audience were mesmerized by the performance of the budding actors, dancers, singers and orators. The presentation started with the song and yoga. The shlokas were recited beautifully. The great epic from ‘ME To We’ had something for each one of us to solve our day to day problems in simple yet logical way. The august gathering appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers to bring out the talent in their children.

The presentation strengthened our belief that good overcomes evil in all ages and times. It was indeed an amazing performance.



“Shaasan Akhand Bharat Ka…… Neetiyon Se Nirmaan Tak"

ITL Public School, Sector-9, Dwarka  put up a splendid show to mark its  Annual Day “Shaasan  Akhand bharat Ka....Neetiyon Se Nirmaan Tak”  a soulful chronicle on Chankya, the  name that  gloriously shines in the History of India, the towering personality, the advisor And Prime Minister of Chandragupta Maurya of Delhi, whose wisdom, policies  and stratagem is transcendental and relevant in all ages .

 Mrs Rekha Gupta,  Honourable Member, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The show commenced with ‘THE DASHAVATAR- the invocation dance to raise the energies of the ten avatars and witness the story of the great preserver, Lord Vishnu. The School Principal Ms.Sudha Acharya formally welcomed the august gathering and enlightened them about the school’s efforts in passionate and tireless nurturing of the students and the  various milestones achieved henceforth.

The Annual report of the School offered a glimpse of the school’s triumphant journey on the path of meaningful education. Keeping the fire of inquisitiveness rising high the School Magazine ‘Jigyasa’ was released by the Chief Guest , followed by the launch of the e- magazine – Vigyanavartan  Following closely was the prize distribution which  felicitated its outstanding achievers in scholastic and co scholastic areas.

The main highlight of the show was the musical- “Shaasan  Akhand bharat Ka....Neetiyon se Nirmaan Tak,  directed and choreographed by Mr.Gaurav Pahwa . With the alternating flow of powerful dialogue delivery, dances and songs by  the live band, the play took the audience on a journey into the magnificence of the Mauryan Empire with Chanakya as the stalwart statesman , a kingmaker who consolidated the Mauryan Empire and laid strategies for good governance  for modern India ,even after half millennia later . It spectacularly showcased the highly effective neeti of Chanakya, , who has left such a mammoth impact on the modern times economy. His practical maxims  still fit into  these techno-savvy times of today, the age of glitz and glamour.

 The Chief Guest and other guests applauded the dauntless efforts of the students and teachers for their exceptional concept and flawless execution of the programme. They appreciated the vision and guiding light provided by the Management. They congratulated the Principal Ms.Sudha Acharya  for able leadership under which the school is progressing by leaps and bounds and  progressively contributing towards the positive changes in the society.



'Skill endows an individual with confidence and dignity to stride on the path of life with assertion and positivity'

Skill India is a campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 July 2015 which aims to train over 40 crore (400 million) people in India in different skills by 2022

ITL Public School firmly believes in focusing on the holistic development of the child, taking care that every aspect of his/ her intellect and spirit, reach its full potential through scholastic and co scholastic activities, service and leadership and thus celebrate Skill India Program in every academic session.

This year the Skill India week was observed in the school during 17-21 July 2017 with the theme 'KAUSHAL SE KAMYABI TAK' in the spirit of the National Skill Development Mission.

This year Skill India Program saw its culmination in the Skill Bazaar held on 14 October 2017. The Skill Bazaar gave an opportunity to the students to form a marketing strategy which involved Pricing, Labelling, Branding and Advertising on a large scale. In Skill Bazaar the students learnt the concept of Business Management and could understand the nuances of funding, manufacturing to selling. It was a delightful experience to see students in the role of effective managers who managed every aspect skillfully right from package presentation to other factors of costing and pricing.

Being empowered with unique skills the students of ITL made beautiful products which added a festive charm to the Bazaar in this festive time close to Diwali.

The Skill Bazaar was inaugurated by the School Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya. The parents were invited to be a part of this sputnik moment which gave them a chance to bask in the glory of witnessing their children getting skilled.

The main highlight of the Skill Bazaar was the launching of herbal and preservative free products under the brand name Anthelia by the Eco Club of ITL with its motto ' Think, Change, Impact.. Go Green'

The hygienic and cosmetic free skin cream, lotion bars, room fresheners, herbal hair oil and aroma candles prepared by the students and teachers in the chemistry lab of the school using pure and trustworthy ingredients were highly appreciated by everyone.

The little ones of class I & II reflected their skill in vegetable printing by presenting beautiful veggie masterpieces in cushion and pillow covers.

The creativity of class III students could be seen in the car danglers using colourful beads and threads. Students of classes IV and V displayed artistic table mats and runners using print pattern with wooden blocks.

The students of class VII presented pen stands, teddy bears, flower baskets, jeweller sets, etc by trying their hands on the art of "Shilpkar Clay Modelling"

The students of class IX were equipped with the subtleties of the Lippan Art - a traditional mud and mirror craft of Kutch,Gujarat during the Skill Week and in the Skill Bazaar they reflected their skill in making colourful wooden blocks with aesthetic perfection.

The students of class XI presented beautiful pot holders using the skill of doing thread work using macramé knots.

The diligent effort put forth by the students during skill week and later fructified into stupendous success of this Skill Bazaar wherein the parents enthusiastically bought the products thus motivating the students. This exceptional venture of entrepreneurship could be successful only because of the lofty vision and the able guidance of the School Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya.



Date                     –        8 – 11 August 2017

Venue                  –        ITL Public School

Conducted by      –        Mathematics Department

Attended by         –        Classes VI – XI

GANIT Week was celebrated at  ITL Public School from 8-11August 2017 across Classes VI – XI wherein all the students engaged in various mathematical activities conducted throughout the week.

 Day1 saw the students of Class VII participating in a hurdle and relay race called Matheholic Footprints. At each hurdle the students were required to solve mathematical problems, the difficulty level of which increased with each hurdle, thus making it more enjoyable and exciting. Also students of Class X participated in an enriching debate session – Maths Verbattle. Students asserted their opinions on various topics and presented a deeper insight into their contradictory views on the application of mathematical concepts.

On Day 2, an online quiz – Digimaths was conducted in the computer lab for the students of Class IX. The questions in the quiz were designed to develop the mental abilities of the students and make them tech savvy giving them a cutting edge in the competitive world.

On Day 3, a workshop for the students of Classes X, XI and XII on the importance of Mathematics and its career avenues was conducted by a renowned Senior Counselor Ms Sushma Singh. The session made the students understand the importance of Maths not just as a subject but as a way to widen the logical and analytical abilities of a person. They were exposed to a myriad of career opportunities available to them after Class XII. Students of Class VIII participated in the activity Mathemagic. They presented different magic tricks based on maths and explained the underlying mathematical concepts.

The week culminated with the students of Class XI participating in the Maths QuizBEAM- Be A Mathemagician which consisted of four rounds – Elementary, Visual, Mind Bender and Rapid Fire Round. Students of Class VI participated in a mathematical game based activity – Mathambola. Students were asked various questions on basic concepts of maths and they marked the answers in their tickets. The student who completed the full house won the game.

Activities conducted throughout the week aimed at helping the students to understand the application of the subject, appreciate the diversity and dispel mathsphobia in them.




DATE                                                             :           31st July’17-4th Aug’17

VENUE                                                          :           ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL


ITL Public School, Sec 9, Dwarka is celebrating Computer week from 31st July’17-4th Aug’17 during which a plethora of activities will be conducted to sensitize teachers and students about ways to incorporate technology into teaching and learning process.

Day1 -Virtual Classroom

Focus of the activity was to let students learn through live video streaming, where they gather knowledge about ‘structure of flower’ through Facebook go live feature. It was indeed a fascinating and enriching experience for students.

Day 2 -Go Paperless

The Activity was revolving around the idea that technology can help in reducing the use of paper and at the same time be more time efficient and user friendly. During the activity, a group of students participated in an online mathematical quiz and at the same time another set of students gave paper pen test in the classroom. It was observed that incorporation of technology bring result analysis, tabulation and presentation of data at a much faster pace than traditional paper pen assessment.

Day 3-IT Crossword

The brain stimulating activity crossword was conducted on day 3.

Crosswords require a two-step thought process - first you have to think about the answer and then correctly spell it and when any child works with these puzzles, the right brain and left-brain are both engaged, which is when brains are most active.

The Activity was based on designing an IT crossword using MS EXCEL based on different Internet Terms / Input Output devices.
Children not only designed various IT crosswords relating different IT terms but also utilized the different features/tools of EXCEL.

Day 4-Tech Shiksha

ITL Public School, Dwarka sector-9 celebrated Day 4 of Technical Event with an activity 'Tech-Shiksha' wherein young ITLeens visited an NGO LECIN (lLets Educate Child In Need) on 3 AUGUST 2017. They interacted with students at the NGO. They taught them various basic terminologies of computers and how computers can be useful to them in their daily lives.

All the students enthusiastically participated in the activity. It was a great motivation for the kids of NGO to have hands on experience, for the very first time. This activity inspired the students to help the needy.

The students promised the children in NGO that they will visit them again and will empower them with more technical skills.

Day 5-Tech Shiksha

Event was successfully concluded on Friday, 4 August .The Event began with a melodious song presented by students of class X and XI .The day was graced by the eminent professor from IIT Delhi, Mr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru(PK) who conducted an interactive session with our students on a very serious topic "when selfie becomes a killfie".

This issue has raised its ugly head in many parts of the country. He shared his research findings that, India accounts for the largest number of deaths caused while taking selfies. He also introduced students to his app 'SAFTIE' to remain safe while taking selfies.

He related the severity of the situation and has undertaken the daunting yet critical task to spread awareness amongst people. With a wide spectrum of knowledge, he felt it is quite important that the younger generation should understand the ground realities and act accordingly. 
We are thankful to him to enlighten us on this serious topic and his idea that technology can be used effectively to solve social issues.

Finally, on a lighter note students of class xi presented a standup comedy act on 'effects of social networking ' which made everyone burst into laughter.
All together a perfect ... mind... bent... for the right cause...!!


Sankalp Sahodaya Conclave @ ITL Public School

ITL Public School was the venue for the Sankalp Sahodaya (South West Delhi) Annual Conference - 2017 on Saturday, 22 July, 2017 on the theme - Transformational Leadership. Having conceptualized in 2007, the Sankalp Sahodaya South West Delhi came into being with a vision to share, spread and strengthen the universal values of Inclusivity, Tolerance and Empathy for creating a harmonious society. In continuation  with its efforts to work on their maxim of  ‘Get Together and Rise Together’ – the forum opens avenues for students by providing them a potential platform where they can come together and learn through a plethora of inter school cultural and sports competitions, workshops and seminars. The conclave had Principals, Vice Principals, Head Mistress and Coordinators from 26 Sahodaya schools along with many eminent guests.

The Chief Guest Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director General - IIM Delhi spoke on the Art and Science of Transformational Leadership and the golden principle of  Ekagrata. The keynote address was given by Mr. S K Bhattacharya, President of Action Committee. Thereafter, Mr Jagmohan Bhanver, CEO of the Next Milestone Technologies spoke on the importance of conditioning which is a prerequisite for transformational leadership. This was followed by a Panel Discussion on the topic: Innovate, Integrate and Motivate by the speakers -  Mr Arunabh Singh, Principal, Nehru World School, Ghaziabad and Mr Brian Waller, Head of Curriculum Content & Development, Chrysalis. Lastly, a magnificent Flag March by the students joined by their respective Principals , collated the significance of team work for the progression of education.

Ms. Sudha Acharya, Principal ITL Public School congratulated ITL staff and Students Council Body for managing a conclave with exemplariness. 



Date                           :           17-20 July 2017

Venue                         :           ITL Public School

Organized by           :           ITL Public School    

Attended By             :           Students of Classes VI-XI

‘Skill endows an individual with confidence and dignity to stride on the path of life with assertion and positivity’

Skill India is a campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 July 2015 which aims to train over 40 crore (400 million) people in India in different skills by 2022.

ITL Public School firmly believes in focussing on the holistic development of the child, giving every aspect of his / her intellect and spirit, room to reach its full potential through scholastic and co- scholastic activities, service, and leadership and thus celebrate Skill India Program in every academic session

.This year the Skill India Week was observed in the school during 17-21 July 2017 with the theme “KAUSHAL SE KAMYABI TAK” in the spirit of the National Skill Development Mission .A plethora of activities were planned during the same to develop essential qualities of creativity, aestheticism, decision making, team work and leadership and thereby savour the richness, depth, beauty and grandeur of Indian traditional skills.

The students of class VIII participated in ‘Wire Basket Making Activity’. Students utilised day to day life things likes beads, hanger and threads to make   beautiful and colourful eco friendly baskets.

The students of Class VII got an enthralling opportunity of trying their hands on ‘Shilpkar- Clay moulding Activity’ and could exhibit their fine moulds in the form of a pen stand, teddy bears, flower basket, jewellery sets, caterpillars and so on

In order to enlighten the students on the beauty and grandeur of Indian tradition, students of Class VI attended a workshop on “Pouch Making” initiated by Hindustan Times Pace. The students were guided and instructed by the resource person Ms. Sumita, a skilled veteran in this field.

A workshop on Lippan Art –the  traditional mural craft of the Rabari community of  KutchGujarat was organized for the students of class IX to acquaint them with this ancient Indian Craft. The students then prepared beautiful art pieces on wooden blocks using clay and mirrors.

The students of Class XI acquired the skill of doing thread work using macramé knots. The students attended a workshop conducted by Ms. Sumita. They gained hands-on experience on tying the knots aesthetically to create beautiful pot –holders. The activity was delightful experience for the students as they indulged in making patterns in pot- holders of different sizes, thus exhibiting their authenticity and creativity.

The art pieces were displayed in a small exhibition that was greatly appreciated by the school Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya. The week provided an extremely enriching experience as the students learnt a new art form in creating and expressing the language of their soul in variant hues of Indian culture.



“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” -HE Luccock

ITL Public School’s Prefectorial Council Body for the session 2017-18 was formed at ITL Public School at the Investiture Ceremony held on May 20, 2017, to inculcate leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body,

The Ceremony being  significant and momentous, was the realization of one of the many spectrums of a larger vision, providing an excellent platform to the students’ council body to be prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school.

The solemn ceremony was graced by the Chief Guest, Col. Ravi Kishore Director, Integrated Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence, Kashmir House, New Delhi who administered the oath to the office bearers with a promise that they would discharge their duties with integrity, faith and excellence.

The ceremony also witnessed some significant and meaningful performances by the students of ITL Public School. The solemn rendition of the hymn “Worthy is the Lamp of God ….”.praised the Lord Almighty and sought His  blessings  .The Kavi Sammellan sensitized the audience about removing  negative and discriminatory attitudes and practices towards gifted and special children and aimed at  their inclusion in mainstream thus developing their personality, talents and creativity.

 The Musical Ballet, Mystical Elements.. intended at taking measures to protect our mother earth before the mankind starts facing the plight of it.

The programme was a memorable occasion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new and enriching academic session.



Date                          :            24-28 April 2017

Venue                         :           ITL Public School

Organised by             :           ITL Public School

Conducted By            :           Teachers of the Department of English

Participants                :           Students of Classes I-XII along with their subject teachers

ITL Public School, in its endeavour to foster love for language and literature in students, celebrated English Week “Literati” from 24 April 2017 – 28 April 2017. A plethora of activities were planned for the students during the week.

A Story Telling Session was held for the students of Class VI. Two stories “The Open Window” by Saki and “A Song to Buy- a folklore from Madhya Pradesh” were retold in an engrossing manner. Calligram (a shape poem) Activity was organized for the students of Class VII to juxtapose creative poetry writing and aesthetic presentation. The students of Class VIII created a photo essay of the Shakespearean Plays on the softboards which included The Merchant of Venice, King Lear, The Midsummer Night’s Dream, Julius Caesar. Class IX tickled their jocular vein by indulging in an ingenious activity of composing a Limerick Poem on topics like Politics and Society and Change in Social Media. Class X participated enthusiastically in ‘Turncoat’, debating on various interesting topics like Cashless Economy suggests Progress and Prosperity, New Trend Is Online Shopping….. Far Better Than Street Shopping etc.

Primary Wing also organized activities for Classes 1-V. Class I participated in Choral Recitation Competition and Parable Enactment. activity was organized in Class II. Class III was engaged in the Words of Wonder, a crossword activity based on famous authors and characters. Class IV had a class activity on the topic –Creating My Own Comic Strip. The activity helped the students to develop their creative imagination and attempt something that they have always loved to read. Class V students expressed their opinion in the Debate Competition on topics like Mobile phone--- A boon or bane, Home work--- Wastage of time etc.

 But the icing on the cake was the magnificent play The Canterville Ghost staged by the Senior Wing on the culmination of the week. This modern adaptation of the novel by Oscar Wilde captured the Victorian Gothic essence perfectly. All technical aspects of the play were carefully considered, which helped to maintain the tension between the comedy and the macabre. The props, lighting and space were all used to their full potential. The stellar show, that was attended by the students, parents of the participants and teachers from the neighbouring schools, was liked and appreciated by everybody. The event certainly added another feather to the ITL’s cap. 


Astronomy Day 2017-18

Date:  2 May, 2017

 Event:  Astronomy Day celebration

Venue:  ITL Public School

Organized by:    ITL Public School

Conducted by: Astronomy club                  

ITL Public School celebrated Astronomy Day on 2 May 2017. The event replicated  various exhibits related to different aspects of the cosmic world.  A documentary was shown revealing myriad features of the space world.  A plethora of the events included the activities like comet making ,Astronaut Training, Spectroscopy, Deep Sky Object Hunt ,Sky map observation, Hydro Rocketry , safe Solar Observation.

 The students demonstrated about how the Astronauts are trained to balance their body in zero gravity, how to observe the sun in a safe way through a telescope and by the use of filter. They also explained the use of pin hole camera and solar glasses to observe the sun safely. The most interesting activity of the event was to ring the planet and Hydro rocketry- where students came to know about the concept of launching the rockets into the space and the steps taken by the aerospace scientists before launching them.

The enthusiasm and the devotion with which the students engrossed themselves in the event reflected their interest in the world of space where the journey from known to unknown will help them to achieve the height of excellence in the field of Astronomy.



Date:  April 18-21, 2017

Venue: School Campus

Students participation level: Grades 1-12

Types of activities: Individual and Group

The theme for the Science weekEarth Remediation-Reconnecting with Nature” aimed at enabling the students to get an insight into the immense contribution of science and technology in various fields of their lives and to make them realize the importance of restoring the deteriorating quality of the environment.

Students of Classes I-V participated in activities like preparation of Earth Day badges and decorating them with slogans, making of bird feeders using recycled materials   display of beautiful indoor plants like Lavender, Aloe Vera, Money plant, croton’s etc, followed by a discussion on their importance. They also portrayed the importance of five elements of nature and demonstrated activities based on air, water and energy.

For Classes VI-X, the treasure of activities included  Aerology-studying the properties of air through activities and demonstrations.  They explained the importance of ozone layer through a role play in respective classrooms using stories and props. To reiterate on the importance of various elements, the students discussed and demonstrated the importance of any one element of their choice. Students of also gave a demonstration on reducing carbon footprint by using food waste as fillers in tubes. Last but not the least, the students prepared and presented the working of an Electrostatic Smoke Precipitator and its use in cruiser bikes, thus providing a solution to the rising SPM levels due to the vehicular pollution. Also they performed an activity to prove the increase in reaction time up to 125%, while using cellphones.

Students of Classes XI -XII, showcased their research based projects on themes like Greywater -its collection, analysis and treatment to make it fit for use in school garden, Algaculture-preparation of biodiesel using regenerated algae, To study the impact of aspirinated water on growth rate of plants and an attempt to prepare bioplastics from banana peels.

To engross everyone in the fervor, two open challenges were given and the best responses were awarded. The Science week culminated on a positive and sensitizing note in a hope to make our environment live more longer.


‘Social Science week’, ‘Dharohar’

Date:  10 - 13 April 2017

 Venue:  ITL Public School

Organized by: ITL Public School

Conducted by: Social Science Department

ITL Public School celebrated ‘Social Science week’, ‘Dharohar’ from 10-13 April 2017 to inculcate in young minds love for India’s rich cultural heritage. A plethora of activities conducted during the week aimed at inspiring students to devote themselves wholehearted to nurture and preserve the cultural heritage.

The week commenced with ‘Hands on Cartography” by Class IX where students prepared Vulnerability Maps to indicate intensity of Occurrence Zones of different disasters like Floods, Earthquake, Cyclone, Landslide etc.

On the second day the students of classes VI and VII made beautiful Travelogues on different civilizations like (like Indus Valley, Mesopotamian, Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization The students did extensive research work on different aspects of these civilizations like their extent, economic condition, social life, trade and commerce, religious practices, causes of decline and represented their ideas innovation and creativity in form of a Travelogue.

Day 3 of the ‘week included Photo Essay on Media History by the students of class X. In this specific activity the students were divided into groups and each group selected a media like Aakashvani, Doordarshan , Reuters , PTI on which they did extensive research and represented the journey of each Media from its inception till date creating beautiful photo album .

Day 4 of the ‘Social Science Week ‘- Dharohar, concluded with the enactment of Mock Gram Sabha by the students of class VIII ,where the students showcased working of Gram Sabha or Panchayat System where the focus was on Digital Literacy. Students played the role of ‘Panch’ where the protagonist who came from a town, explained about how different apps could be downloaded in the mobile to lodge their complaints to different Governmental / Non-Governmental organizations

The enthusiasm, the devotion, the passion with which the students engrossed themselves in the celebration reflected that they are the true torchbearers to torchbearers to understand, analyse not only the causes of Nature’s fury and be the catalyst to join their hands to save the our environment for better tomorrow but also are the catalysts to restore our rich cultural heritage.


Indo-French Mélange

DAY & DATE: Tuesday, 11 April 2017

VENUE: ITL Public School, Sector 9 Dwarka


 French delegates from Bory college of Saint Vincent, Reunion France visited ITL Public School for the Indo-French Mélange. The event commenced with a French song by the ITLeens followed by Power Point presentations which gave an insight into the rich cultural heritage of our nation.  The discussion focused on cordial relations that the nations enjoy with each other. Also , the students shared their experience of the educational trip to France. The students of ITL mesmerized the French guests with an Indian contemporary dance performance.

The event gave an opportunity to the students and teachers of both countries to garner information about their cultures, education and way of life.  The souvenirs of “Lippan work” made by our students and teachers were gifted to guests. 



Day /Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017

Venue: School Auditorium

Attended by: Parents and Students of class XII

Organised by: ITL Public School

ITL Public School organized an orientation program on 18 March 2017 for the students who had been promoted toclass XII and their parents. This program was organised to provide substantial and informative tips to the students on how to prepare themselves effectively for the board exams and also on the crucial role of parents to ease out the journey for their child during this very significant phase of their career.

The School Principal Ms Sudha Acharya, applauded the efforts of the students on being promoted to Class XII, and congratulated the meritorious students who had achieved proficiency in various subjects and also who had been accredited with overall proficiency.

She reiterated on the importance of class XII in the lives of students which shaped their career and how parents are the best support system for students. This discussion included the importance of time management, health awareness, balanced diet, trust and empathy on each other.

She also stressed on issues of peer education, positive reinforcement of values, self-appraisal as potential aids to keep oneself poised and shine out distinctly.



The art of progress is to say goodbye to the old ….it is always great to see the students transforming from cautious butterflies to confident butterflies ready to launch on the glorious path of life.

ITL Public School organized Do Svidanya.. the gala Farewell Ceremony on 28 February 2017  to bid an affectionate adieu to the outgoing batch of Class XII .The day was a fiesta to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce the precious and joyous moments.

The hosts of this phenomenal occasion were the enthusiastic students of class XI. The valedictory function commenced with the lighting of the auspicious lamp by the School Principal Ms Sudha Acharya followed by her motivating speech inspiring students to be committed and compassionate individuals and to uphold the true humanitarian values .Her reiteration on preserving the sanctity of mind, soul and heart touched each student.

Thereafter the auditorium pulsated with performances by students of Class XI. The robust beats of the Rock Band, the witty powerful rendition of Stand Up Comedy by Adarsh Joshi of Class XI A, a hilarious skit featuring the lives of students—the lavish range of events sprinkled fun, frolic and celebration to the ambience. The spirit of nostalgia ran high when titles such as “Sovereign of Scholastics” “The ITL Prodigy” “Ms Sugar & Spice” “Mr Sharp Wit” “Mr. Dependable” were conferred to students by Principal ma’am based on the distinctive qualities & merits of the students.

The highlight of the show was a ravishing Ramp Walk. The grace, the poise, the ability of sharp wit brought the coveted titles of the Lady of the Evening & the Gentleman of the Evening to Varnika Sharma & Yash Bhatia.

All through the show the smart anchoring of the comperes laced with wit, humor, eloquent epithets charmed every one.

The Head Boy & Head Girl shared their experiences & expressed their profound gratitude towards teachers & students of class XI who made the day so special.

The students went gaga on the culmination event- an incredible dance performance by the teachers showing their love for students.

Each student of the outgoing batch was presented a souvenir as a token of love and affection. The great evening ended with Cake Cutting Ceremony & a sumptuous & delicious Snacks Party for Students.

The students left the school with a great feeling of nostalgia…. their eyes gleaming with cherished memories, heart brimming with love for school & hands extended to embrace each lovely moment.

ITLeens you are pride….. move ahead & shine.



Safety is not expensive, it’s priceless

ITL Public School observed Road Safety Week from 16 January to 20 January 2017 to sensitize the students about the alarming situations on road worldwide and to apprise them about various traffic ethics, rules, regulations and etiquettes. The noble initiative behind the observance of the Road Safety Week was to show solidarity to United Nation’s Declaration of 2010-2020 as the Decade of Action for Road Safety with the goal of stabilizing and reducing the number of road traffic disasters around the world.

 Right from tiny tots of Candyfloss to the Senior Secondary Section ,the  ITLeens  passionately involved themselves in myriad activities to gain substantial knowledge on road ethics.

The Little ITLeens were introduced to basic road rules through the creation of an Artificial Traffic Park, Traffic Lights Illustrations and  Puzzle Games related to road safety. The junior school students involved themselves in activities like Collage Making, Placard making, enacting Role Plays and conducting Interviews related to road safety.

Middle school students participated in the Road Safety Game whereby the students got  hands on experience on adhering to lane driving, safety and security of pedestrians ,road manners, safe distance between vehicles ,avoidance of honking and overtaking. Students visited Traffic Training Park at Punjabi Bagh and attended   a   Simulation session and learnt ways of averting damage on roads. Personnels  from Hero Moto Corp conducted a session for classes X and XI educating students about pedestrian etiquettes and road  culture.

The week culminated on 20 January 2017 with the visit of DCP Vijay Singh, Traffic Branch, Outer Range and Inspector Bhupesh Kumar who conducted an interactive session on alarming case studies and the right code of conduct on roads. Power Point Presentations and Documentaries prepared by the students were showcased reflecting various traffic rules.

The  School Principal  Ms. Sudha Acharya motivated the students to be responsible citizens and adhere to safety norms . ITLeens, equipped and fortified with concrete knowledge on road safety issues pledged to emerge as aware, alert, responsible citizens geared up to give the motherland a safer  future!!!









“Let us have music for Christmas…
Sound the trumpet of joy and rebirth;
Let each of us try, with a song in our hearts,
To bring peace to men on earth.”

                                                                                                            Mildred L. Jarrell

Music is ubiquitous with the Christmas season, and goes hand in hand with its traditional festivities.

Music and Christmas with their symbiotic relationship, once again brought cheer to the students of Classes IV - XI at ITL Public School, when Pastor Randeep Mathews and his team.(NEW LIFE CITY BAND) revived the spirit of Christmas with their Carols on 21 December 2016 in the school premises. The event started with the felicitation of Pastor Randeep Mathews by the esteemed Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya, followed by soulful musical note in the name of God. ITL reverberated with Christmas carols actually turning on the Christmas in our hearts. Students rejoiced to the well-orchestrated carols sung in different languages and created a vibrant ambience, the memories of which will linger throughout.

It was an ecstatic moment of pure elation which created spiritual fulfillment as the sound of music and dance serenaded the souls. This euphoric feeling could be seen in the hearts of every ITLeen which defined the true meaning of Christmas, to spread joy and happiness all around.



ITL Public school conducted a wide range of activities for classes I – XI that focused on the United Nations 17 Smart Goals for Sustainable Development to impart fundamental values of human dignity and inclusive growth.

The plethora of activities included wreath of Rights and Duties, Declamation on Importance of Peace in World, Debates on What come first: Rights or Duties? These activities sensitized the students on the importance of various Human Rights.

Where students of Classes VI – VIII showed their creative skills, with Logo Designing, Collage Making and Scrap Book on global phenomenons of poverty, health, climate action, gender equality and most importantly – Peace for All, class IX put up a Puppet Show with the theme “Inclusive Education”. Handmade puppets recreated relatable situations and incidents on – one for all and all for one, which promoted the goal of inclusive education with regard to solutions, approaches to deal with the problems that concern all.

Symposium on- Partnerships for the Goals, included case based study on Guantanamo Bay scenarios and grave human rights violations which blatantly ignores action that violates human rights.

 Keeping in mind the impact of audio -visual aid class XI took part in Panel Discussion on the theme – Cast and Social Relation. The screening of a movie ‘Fandry’ drew attention to the fact that even today we are shackled in chains of casteism and all we need is to treat each one with love and respect.

Ms. Sudha Acharya, Principal, ITL Public School, congratulated the students for their conscious efforts in contributing towards understanding and working towards sustainable goals.



Conducted By          :           Ms Sudha Acharya

Attended By             :           Parents and Students of Class X

Venue                       :           ITL Public School

Organized By           :           ITL Public School

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” 

Exploring career options is an important step on the road to adulthood. The classes that students take in high school affect the choices they have when applying for college, which in turn affects which career, they can embark on. Having an idea of where they want to be in the next five to 10 years will get them started in the right direction.

In order to facilitate students of Class X and their parents to take a well informed decision at this crucial juncture of life, the school organized an Orientation Programme for Stream Selection in Class XI on 26 November 2016. The very astute and erudite school Principal Ms Sudha Acharya conducted the expert session and gave valuable guidance to students and parents alike. She implored them to make good choices today so that they don’t have to regret tomorrow.

Two of the many prudent advices given by herwere to unite their avocation with their vocation because it is linked to the pursuit of happiness and to opt for the unconventional subject combinations on offer in the school so that there is a scope to diversify later in life.

Parents also seemed to have done an extensive research on the subject and queried Principal Ms. Acharya about the scope of various subject combinations. They also expressed their desire to attend a Career Counseling Session by experts from Universities of repute, focusing on unconventional courses and the Armed Forces.They were given an assurance that it would be conducted very soon.

The anxiety of parents and students was quite understandable. After all students are the CEO of their lives and they need to develop life strategies for long-term and short-term goals.

Here’s wishing them good luck for their future endeavors!



Date                –          21 – 25 November 2016

Venue             –          ITL Public School

Conducted by –          Department of Mathematics

Attended by    –          Classes I – XI

Ganitotsav was celebrated in ITL Public School from 21-25 November 2016 across Classes I – XI.  On Day1, the Activity conducted for Class I was ‘Number Ladders’ where the students played the game of snakes and ladders based on skip counting by2. Students also enacted the story of numbers from 0 to 9 and showcased the importance of the number 0. In Class VI, the Activity ‘Visit to the Vedic Era’ was conducted wherein all the students learned various tricks of Vedic Mathematics to make their calculations faster and easier.

On Day 2, the Activity conducted for Class II was ‘Making Coin Clock’ where the students made clock models using cutouts of coins and numbers. The Activity for Class VII was ‘Math-E-Marathon – Hurdle Race’ in which the students solved mathematical questions at each hurdle and demonstrated quick thinking and fast running.

On Day 3, the Activity conducted for Class III was ‘Shapes Lab’ where the students bought cutouts of various shapes and pasted them to make a beautiful object of their choice. The Activity for Class VIII was ‘Rangometry’ in which the students made beautiful patterns and designs using different geometrical shapes.

On Day 4, the students of Class IV were involved in the Activity – ‘Create your own Fraction’ where each student represented fractions using pictures, drawings and cut outs. A Quiz was conducted for the students of Class V. Students of Classes IX and X, were involved in “Innovita – Model Making Competition’. Classes X and XI participated in the Quiz – ‘Kaun Banega Mathemagician’ which consisted of four rounds – Elementary, Visual, Mind Bender and Rapid Fire.

On Day 5, the week culminated with the best models being displayed and activities  conducted in a small exhibition outside the auditorium. Sanskrit shlokas based on maths, role play on mathematicians, rap song based on the theorems of algebra etc were some events that marked the culmination. The ceremony closed with prize giving and inspirational words by Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya  to excel in all activities.



DATE                      :           17 NOVEMBER 2016




ITL Public School believes in promoting effective learning and underpins the continuous improvement of personal, social, moral and emotional well being. Keeping the same in mind, the school, invited Expressions India Team with their newly launched “Mobile Classroom Van for Health & Wellness Education (MCHWE)

Mobile Classroom Van has been an innovative addition to the outreach initiative for Health Life Skills and Wellbeing Programs.  30students of classes IX and X along with 5 Peer Educators who were enrolled in the Mindsmart 2016, Adolescent Peer Educator Leadership Course in Life Skills & Wellbeing, attended the sessions conducted by Dr. Ruchika Sharma Das, Senior Resource Person and Ms. Aparajita Dixit, Life skill trainer in this unique and prestigious Education Van.

The students were shown videos regarding health education, handling adolescent issues, substance abuse, peer pressure, gender sensitization. This was followed by an interactive session with the resource persons. The students actively participated in Role Plays, Group Discussions and were greatly enriched by the programme.

The participating teachers Ms. Pratishtha Gupta and Ms. Nidhika Malhotra were also oriented to the common behavioral and learning problems in the classrooms to enhance their awareness and improve the knowledge base, skills and basic intervention strategies.

All participating students were awarded with certificates and badges by the Expressions India Team.



Date:                    15 November to 18 November, 2016

Venue:                 ITL Public School

Conducted by:    Conoscenza- Science Club and students from classes IV-XII

Attended by:       Class I -XII 

Organized by:      ITL Public School, Sec-9, Dwarka, New Delhi           

'Conoscenza' –The Science Club of ITL Public School, Sec -9, Dwarka celebrated the Science Week based on the theme “ECORESTORATION” from 15 to18 November, 2016 in school premises, to honor the role of science and technology in the modern day lives of earthlings. A plethora of activities were organized by students under the guidance of their teachers and showcased during the week.

The Science Week started on 15 November 2016 with the tiny tots of Class I indulging in a    ‘3 -D Collage making activity using forest products. This exercise was to make sure that they appreciate the gifts from nature and learn to conserve them. The next to join the bandwagon was  Sciencipe’-for Class VI in which students prepared fire free recipes, high on nutritional value and low on calorie meter, to stress on the importance of balanced diet . It was followed by ‘Aerodynamics’-A display by students of Class VII, which was aimed to explain the principles of   'thrust' , 'lift' and 'drag' to common man . Lining ahead was 'Science - Out of the box'  by students of Class VIII in which they explored the magical world of creative learning by performing various experiments like magnetic gun, magic liquid, glowing water, fruit battery etc. in front of their fellow mates.

The Second Day, 16 November,2016 witnessed 'A Day in the Life of a Biotic’ an enactment showcasing the lives and importance of living species, was carried out by students of class II. For senior classes, their Knowledgeable skills were judged by “Green Quest" -The Environmental quiz ( for classes IX and X) and 'Anomaly solving' (for class XI)

Continuing with the fervor, on 17 November, 2016 a Treasure Hunt was organized for classes IX-XII, in which clues based on scientific principles and logical aptitude had to be chased in minimum time.

Culminating the Science Week celebration, an Exhibition cum display was organized in the Physics lab for classes V-XII on 18 November, 2016.  The display included students of class V exhibiting and explaining the concept of  ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ using working models such as Rain water harvesting, solar robot, solar cooker, Hydroelectricity and Windmill. Students of classes VI to XII  also enthusiastically showcased their scientific skills in a gamut of projects like Miniature Aquaponics , Beaute Naturelle , DNA extraction , Crowd monitoring system .

Science magazines, based on hot topics like dwindling birds and climate change, were prepared as a cumulative effort of students of classes VII-X. It also was put up on display for students

Last but not the least , Anthelia products (prepared in-house by the Environmental Club) like  Hand sanitizer, Floor cleaner and mosquito repellent were up for sale.

The science week was a success and was appreciated and enjoyed by all. 



27 OCTOBER 2016

CBSE understands that Audio Visual Heritage is a very important part of our tradition and encourages everyone, everywhere to join in celebrating 27 October 2016 as Audio Visual Heritage Day.

ITL Public School celebrated its Audio Visual Heritage Day wherein a nostalgic amalgamation of some sound and visual recordings from the archives were showcased. These included authentic interviews of Mahatma Gandhi, a historic interview given by Mrs. Indira Gandhi before the 1971 war. The one video which got everybody in that patriotic fervour was the original interview of Capt. Vikram Batra who was martyred in the Kargil War.

The event began with “The Short Story of India” which was an exquisite recording displaying the rich culture of our country and at the same time imparting knowledgeable facts linked to our history.

To add on to this, the students of XI Humanities presented a documentary on Humayun’s Tomb. The fact worth noting was that the documentary was totally made by the students. The students, had  visited the Humayun’s Tomb to shoot the documentary on Saturday 22nd October’2016. They spent almost the entire day over there to give the best possible results.

This day couldn’t have been complete without giving an honour to our exquisite dance forms.  Soumya Gupta of XIF presented Kathak on a soul stirring classical song.

Heritage can create a stir, can reverberate us with emotions and we did manage to do it, when we saw some teachers in the audience smiling through their tears. That kind of heartrending again reminded us that Heritage actually is as important and as close to us, as our own being. 



DATE                     :           2 NOVEMBER 2016

VENUE                  :           ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL

CONDUCTED BY   :           CBSE


In its endeavour to promote transparency, probity and integrity in public life and support the initiative of The Central Vigilance Commission to observe VIGILANCE AWARENESS WEEK from 31 October 2016 to 5 November 2016, ITL Public School, Dwarka organized various activities on 2nd November, 2016.

Showcasing their creative skills, students of Classes VI – VIII enthusiastically participated in the Poster Making Competition on the topic "Public Participation in Eradicating Corruption" to highlight the problems such as corruption, unfair verdicts and bribery.

Participating in the ‘Elocution Competition’, on the theme “Promoting Integrity ensures the Prosperity of a Nation” students of Classes IX & X displayed their speaking prowess and creativity by presenting lucid and eloquent speeches based on the theme manifested by an immense amount of knowledge, thought provoking quotes and analogies.

 For classes XI-XII, an essay writing competition was organized on ‘E-Governance as a Tool to Curb Corruption’ with an attempt to explore the opinion of the students so that they could express their outlook on public participation in spreading awareness against corruption, its ill effects and ways to fight the same.

The teacher in charges guided the students and assisted them in displaying their thoughts and smooth functioning of the activities. It was indeed a great learning experience for both the staff members and students as it gave an opportunity to create awareness about the role of preventive vigilance in society to reduce corruption and make the students more agile and pro-active citizens of the Nation.







Diwali is a festival illuminating our lives .The way we light our houses on this day, we should also enlighten our souls with a sense of gratitude. The festival is celebrated every year with immense joy and happiness, throughout the length and breadth of the country. It spiritually signifies the victory of luminosity over darkness and hope over despair and this can be achieved by a simple gesture –‘The joy of giving’. The power of giving is manifested in the kindness and generosity that you bestow on someone else. Hence, this year ITL family made an attempt to bring smiles on the faces of the support staff, which was commenced by addressing the staff with a speech, followed by principal ma’am’s blessings.

The students and teachers pooled in funds to arrange gifts for them. This was a mere endeavor to help them in a little way.

As a token of gratitude on this festive, a gift hamper and a pressure cooker along with refreshments were gifted to them, to express how grateful we are for having them as a part of our life at ITL. ITL succeeded in making this festival even more glaring one for everyone involved in this deed.



ITL public School took a transforming leap by organising Skill Bazar 2016 on Saturday, 15 October 2016. Launching the Startup Product was the centre of attraction as the students learnt the concept of entrepreneurship from the nuances of manufacturing to retailing. The months long endeavours of students under the meticulous guidance and quality precision of teachers , the students launched pure , safe and HERBAL floor cleaner , hand sanitizer and mosquito repellent..!  Adding the festive charm to the Bazar was the hand made products by our students during Skill Week. This included Terracotta Jewellery and Pottery, Handmade Bags and Boxes, Tie and Dye, Hand Crafted Products, Paper Quilling Jewellery, T-Shirt, Paper Mache Masks. Needless to say that, all the hard work fructified into the stupendous success of this Skill Bazar.

We thank the parents for their enthusiastic buying of these products and motivating our students. The Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya congratulated the students for their innovative and entrepreneurial skills. This startup project has been one of a kind which taught true lessons of power of skill enhancement.

The proceeds of this Bazar were forwarded towards charity..!


ITL hosts NPSC Principals’ Meet

ITL Public School, Sector – 9, Dwarka hosted NPSC Principals’ Meet on Wednesday, 28 September 2016. Aiming high on quality, commitment and excellence in education, the NPSC meeting was attended by 60 principals of various prestigious schools.

The meeting commenced with a welcome note from Ms. Sudha Acharya, Principal, ITL Public School. The host school students welcomed the esteemed luminaries with a soul stirring welcome song “Ancient of Days”. Adding a magnetic spark to the meeting was the felicitation of the prestigious National, State and CBSE awardees… indeed a proud moment for all the achiever NPSC member principals.

Joint Secretory, Ms. Seema Jerath, Principal DLF Public School, Ghaziabad introduced an empowering and expert session by Mr. Robert Sun, Chairman, President and Chief Executive of Suntex, International Inc, USA. The session put through a rigorous mental ability test and brought forth the role of concept and practice in math learning.

NPSC Chairperson Mr. Ashok Pandey, Principal, Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar, presided the meeting and congratulated on the stupendous achievement of NPSC team members. Focusing on the overall development of students, teachers and principals, he expressed his delight on the numerous innovative workshops on path breaking pedagogy being organized in NPSC schools. He highlighted and briefed on the participation of the three NPSC principals in National Conference of CBSE.

Vice Chairperson NPSC, Ms. Sadhna Bhalla, Principal, Meera Model School, Janakpuri, culminated the meeting by proposing a vote of thanks to the  life members, other members and particularly the host school for its superior organisation and a task well accomplished.



ITL Public school in collaboration with Delhi Police, organized seven days Self-Defence campaign for all the girls from Classes V – XI, spanning from 27 September – 7 October 2016. The Self-defence campaign was conducted to inculcate the defence techniques and required reflexes in the girls to defend themselves in critical situations. Highly skilled special instructors from CAW cell, Nanakpura were roped in to train the girls in proper martial art techniques and manoeuvres for self-protection. Students were taught a variety of punches – where to attack, how to attack and when to attack, how to defend when an attacker attacks from the side, back and front. They were also taught how to launch an attack on the attackers’ temple, to form a proper kick and the amount of force required to kick.

The creativity and the situations and the modes of dealing with various situation was impeccable. Young girls are continuously exposed to a threatening surrounding while they make their journey to coaching institutes and tuitions. The students were taught to make accurate utility of pen and books to attack on the eve teasers.

Overall, it was a wonderful training program in which each girl participated enthusiastically because amidst the kicks and punching was the will to show the people that they are not delicate creatures but strong women who are ready to fight when harm comes their way.


Jashn-e-Shukran…………Teachers day celebration

A teacher is not only a mentor but is like a candle who takes the students on an opulent odyssey from darkness to light. To salute the spirit of teaching and to pay a tribute to their dear teachers, the students of ClassesXI and XII organized the Teachers Day of 2016 with an interesting themeJashn-e-Shukran. The event commenced with the auspicious lightning of the holy lamp whose pious flames spread bliss and sanctity in the ambience. This was followed by floral felicitation to Principal Ma’am.The Cake Cutting Ceremony marked the beginning of the gala celebration. The highlights of the event included the felicitation of the titles to the teachers by the students of class XII which filled the school premises with mirth, laughter and congeniality. The students expressed passionately how the teachers resided in the deepest corners of their hearts and how each teacher was dear and unique to them in their own way. The other highlights of the function comprised of a robust performance by the band, a captivating sequence of dance presentations, a hilarious skit offering a glimpse of the myriad emotions of student life. The event culminated with a captivating dance performance by students of class XII. The team work of the Council Body and the zealous participation of class XI and XII students made this celebration an unforgettable event. The unbreakable bond and love between students and ‘gurus’ surely deepened more on this special day.



ITL Public School took a transforming leap by launching a whole range of in- house manufactured Herbal Products like Hand Sanitizer, Mosquito Repellant and Floor Cleaners under the brand name Anthelia. The young school entrepreneurs worked on this school wide project which included the use of Aloe Vera grown in the school campus, to availing the purest of various essential oils like Tea Tree, Lavender, Rose, Citrus and Neem, distilled in their very own Chemistry Laboratory.

This start up initiative aimed at promoting entrepreneurship skills among students. The motto of this project was to honour the Prime Minister’s vision of empowering the youth force with skills and efficiency, a pre requisite for leading an independent, confident and respectable life. Also it helped the students to learn the concept of entrepreneurship from the nuances of funding, manufacturing to selling. On health front too, this initiative taught them the basics of healthy living and use of chemical free daily products.

In addition to this, the students enthusiastically formed a marketing strategy which involved Pricing, Labeling, Branding and Advertising on a large scale.

The products were displayed for sale during the Skill Bazar. We thank the parents for their enthusiastic buying of these products and motivating our students. The Principal, ITL Public School, Ms. Sudha Acharya congratulated the students for their months long endeavors, innovation and entrepreneurial skills. This startup project has been one of a kind which taught true lessons of power of skill enhancement.


ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrates English Week-Literati

ITL Public School echoed with activities in English for the annual English Week - Literati from 25-29 July 2016 for Classes I – XII. The charisma, finesse and melody of the language reverberated through the activities such as Elocution, Just a minute, Mime, Character enactment, Weave a yarn, Turn Coat, Budding poet, Twist a Tale along with many a new activities such as Press Conference on the classic novel-Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Here, the students assumed the roles of all the characters, be it Catherine, Lockwood or Emily Bronte herself and answered to all possible questions of students who participated in the conference. Both students and teachers marveled at the research and analysis which the students of Class XI had done on the storyline, critical aspect and the characters of Wuthering Heights. Documentary on the Evolution of Language was another innovative activity presented by Class XII. The time span from Chaucerian English to the Modern and the evolution of English as a language was not only informative but had breathtaking presentation. To top it up, the multifaceted workshops organised at the school premises gave valuable input on the diction, pronunciation and presentation of the language. Nuances of Theatre - a workshop conducted by the renowned theatre director, Mr. Gaurav Pahwa inducted students on the nitty grities of theatrical skills. Another workshop by Mr. Manoj Mainker, Programme Executive at the Directorate General of All India Radio on English diction and pronunciation, redefined our perception and comprehension of spoken English. The English week culminated in the most magnificent way as the entire department showcased the world famous comedy of errors by William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. With advanced language skill, persuasive and spontaneous dialogue delivery, rib tickling humour, pathos, irony and exquisite visual element of the drama - A Midsummer Night’s Dream was a superhit. The excitement reached its crescendo when the parents watched the play in superlative enthusiasm and awe. The students ended up pulling three shows for all the classes from VI-XII. The Principal, Ms Sudha Acharya appreciated the literary flair in students and motivated them for more such innovative activities. In Shakespearean line- All’s well that ends well… We at ITL took pride in the tasks well done. 



DATE                                 :           12 AUGUST 2016

VENUE                              :           STAGE         

TIME                                 :           11:00 am – 12 am

CONDUCTED BY               :           CLASSES III - XI

ATTENDED BY                  :           CLASSES III – XII

Gaiety and patriotic fervour marked the 70th Independence Day celebrations in ITL Public School on Friday, 12 August 2016, when to commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the esteemed Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya unfurled the  ‘tiranga’ and all in unison sang the National Anthem.

The programme commenced with patriotic songs expressing the joy of freedom and awakening everyone’s patriotism towards the motherland. Through their mesmerising performances students showcased the deep –rooted, rich cultural heritage of our country

A scintillating skit signifying the message of Swachh Bharat , Nukkad natak – Beti Bachao,  Beti Padhao, Digital India – Skill India, advocated to experience   freedom, peace and unity in diversity . The students pledged to remember the responsibilities of rediscovering their country by acquiring a broader vision and overcoming their weaknesses. The programme concluded with the Grand Finale showcasing  India as progressive and evolving nation on the world's map and with the dream of a shining India, a vibrant democracy and a secular nation.

The celebrations ended with the inspiring words of the Principal where she focussed on the role of youth today for bringing a change in the society. She emphasized on the significance of inculcating human values and discipline in the students and about imbibing the qualities of leadership and stressed on the importance of freedom.



Inspired by the Government of India‘s vision, the Cybernetics Club of ITL Public School organized the Digital India Week from 18 – 22 July 2016. The event saw a plethora of activities that made the students aware, imagine, educate, debate and create. 

The week commenced with an Online Quiz that witnessed enthusiastic participation, followed by Poster Making Competition for classes VI-VII thus showcasing their creativity and imagination on the topic ‘Digital India’. The students of classes IX-XI conducted Teaching Sessions in computers and simple applications for the support staff of the school thereby taking a step ahead in making them technologically literate and reduce the digital divide.

 A debate on Whether India is equipped for a digital revolution’ was a display of superior technology as the entire process was conducted online where sitting at different locations in the school , the students of XI-XII exchanged new and alternate ideas.

Their imagination, creativity and soft skills were elevated to a different level when classes XI-XII engaged themselves in ‘Movie Trailer Making’. The students of classes VI and VII to test their online search skills through riddles, took part in   ‘Surfed the Wave

The event culminated with the melodious jingles by the junior students. A skit on ‘Cyber Safety’ was presented by class XI and XII. A presentation by Saurav Ahlawat of Class XII on ‘9 Pillars of Digital India’ included e-governance,    e-kranti and  IT for job to name a few. The highlight of the digital India week was the Online Survey which was conducted for parents, teachers and students to sensitize them on digital wellbeing and oriented them on collection of data with regard to e- services. The survey was appreciated by all. The Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya applauded the students and teachers for the commendable initiative.

The gamut of activities added an edge and finesse to their techno skills leaving a quest in them to explore further.



In order to honour and felicitate the meritorious students of the academic session 2015-2016, ITL Public School, Dwarka, organised the scholar badge ceremony on 16 July’16. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Tejpal Singh, Principal Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya. After the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest. Principal, Mrs. Sudha Acharya , ITL Public School formally welcomed the guest. The event started with an invocation dance as a tribute to Goddess Saraswati.  Thereafter, the Principal addressed the gathering and congratulated the achievers and their proud parents. In her address she emphasized that students should not just be marks oriented but aim at becoming a good human being.  The award ceremony commenced with felicitating the Scholars of classes III, IV and V. Beaming with confidence, teaming with joy, marching towards the stage in a spectacular and orderly manner were the proud recipients of the glorious trophies presented by the eminent Chief Guest and the Principal. The Children of Class IV-V presented a thought provoking mime on “Importance of Parents” which was greatly applauded by the Chief Guest and the invitee parents. Everyone highly applauded the efforts put in by the children.  The ‘100% Attendance Award’ was given to students who fought against all odds and managed to attend the school on every open day throughout the year. Last but not the least the students of class IV-V expressed their love for God and teacher in a melodious fusion of Western and Indian classical music. The Chief Guest applauded the school and congratulated all the winners. He also laid stress on the focus of the school on complete development of every child's personality. The vote of thanks was rendered by Head Girl and Head Boy Junior School, who expressed their deep sense of gratitude to one and all. The ceremony culminated with the National Anthem.


ITL Public School Organises Scintillations 2016– An Inter School Competition

ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL organized Scintillations 2016 – an Inter School Competition on Friday, 15 July 2016. With the enthusiastic participation of 27 schools from Dwarka and around, the exciting extravaganza comprised of three events- EXUBERANZA-Contemporary Dances on the theme of ‘Say No To Tobacco’, RANG MANCH – Nukkad Natak, to sensitize the students on Road Safety Issues and BIZ EXIMIUS - a commerce event, meant to test the analytical, logical, creative and business skills which stimulates the participating teams to ‘Think, Change and Impact’.

With perfect contemporary dance nuances and props, the participating teams of Exuberanza had a powerful message of raising awareness in students about the consequences of addictions and the needed courage to redeem from it. The Indian Heights School was the proud winner of Exuberanza.

Nukkad Natak Competition – Rang Manch had the current sensitive issue of Road Safety. With impactful dialogue delivery and impeccable voice modulation, the students spoke on alarming road accident statistics and the needful precautionary measures. Each mercury soaring performance, left the audience awestruck. Dwarka International School was adjudged the winner of the event.

The Biz Eximius Teams were selected after analyzing their presentations and their performances in the “Mock Stock” event. The participants got an opportunity to present their Startup Business Idea – an inspiration taken from Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s concept of Startup India. The concept was presented in front of the judges. With indepth learning and smooth delegation, every round was an education in itself. Maxfort School passed the litmus test and was declared the proud winner.

The large scale competition concluded with the announcement of prizes to the winner teams. The inter school competition was a perfect example of a well delegated event by the host school. The Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya appreciated the efforts taken by the participant schools and the active involvement and delegation by the council body members. All together a scintillating event… !



ITL Public School crowned its newly elected Council Body Members in the Investiture Ceremony on 7 May 2016. The solemn ceremony was graced by the Chief Guest, DIG Randeep Rana, National Disaster Response Force. He highlighted on the implications of being a leader and its tall order to shoulder responsibilities, values, ethics for being global citizens. With fervour in his speech, he expressed his concern about the growing vulnerability of climate change, reasons and impact of recent Forest Fire in Uttrakhandand perpetual  Brain Drain.The Principal,Ms. SudhaAcharya expressed her special bonding with the dynamic council members who have promised the create paradigm shifts in leadership roles. She reiterated on the value of time, to interface responsibilities, work as a team and walk together. As a crucial pointer she relegated on the maxim of – to accept and not to expect and to work on duties before we talk about rights.

The ceremony was solemnised with the administration of oath. All the office bearers assumed their roles with great sanctity and gusto. Yash Bhatia was sworn as a Head Boy and Varnika Sharma as the newly appointed Head Girl.

An entertaining cultural programme was another hallmark of the ceremony. The beautiful rendition of the song “I was here….” celebrated the spirit of humanity. A NukkadNatak on Road Safety advocated the paradoxical situation on road. The students overawed the audience with a strong undercurrent message of being vigilant and alert on road. This was followed by the Contemporary Theme Dance on “Say no to Tobacco”. 

As they say well begun is half done, the enthusiasm and zeal of the council members filled the air with gaiety and exuberance, hoping for many pedestals to be escalated.



Date: 30-4-2016                                                                               

Venue: Skating Rink

Attended By: Support staff, teachers and students

Organised By:  Social Service Club                    

Conducted By: Students of class 11th and 12th

The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.”- Dr. Robert Holden

Our school celebrated the Gratitude Day to honour the conservancy staff. The day was observed under the patronage of the school principal, Mrs. Sudha Acharya and aimed at sensitizing the students towards the dignity of labour and to overcome various socio-economic barriers confronting us .The event was celebrated to realise the significance of support staff. Our didis and bhaiyas help us in myriad ways that often go unnoticed. Gratitude day acknowledges their help and their important role.

The ceremony commenced with a short cultural program to add a spirit of fun and frolic to the event. The support staff keenly participated in an entertaining interaction. Students of all classes contributed in making presents for our beloved staff which was given to them during this ceremony. Towards the end, they were served with light refreshments. 

The event ended with our deputy headmistress ma’am, Ms Meena Ramnesh speaking out few beautiful snippets which brought tears in the eyes of our support staff. The event was concluded with an optimistic note that gratitude is the mother of all virtues and the pleasure of giving was indeed more than the pleasure of receiving. 



DATE                         :           25 APRIL – 29 APRIL 2016

VENUE                      :           CLASSROOMS, ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL


‘The purpose of Education is Knowledge of values and not facts’ – William Ralph Inge

ITL Public School believes in promoting effective learning and underpins the continuous improvement of personal, social, moral and emotional wellbeing. Values work in a dynamic way through developing aspects such as leadership focus, positive role modeling and community values.

Keeping in mind this philosophy, a VALUE BASED WEEK was observed during 25th – 29th April 2016 at ITL  Public School for classes VI – X. A plethora of activities were meticulously planned during this week covering a wide range of topics like Honesty and Integrity, Courtesy and Good Conduct , Respect for law and order. Students in a gamut of activities like Radio Show, Blind-Fold Activity, Role Play, Debate, Skits and making Web-Charts and Graphic Organisers. Brainstorming sessions on Conflict management and coping with stress were also held. Students prepared Thank You cards for the courteous and gentle people around them who have made an imprint on their minds. They designed innovative flash  cards on Do’s and  Dont’ s of school life and creatively depicted these handcrafted “SCHOOL RULES” on their class soft boards .They pledged together to follow these rules.

A whole ambience of Values was created by the students which not only sensitized them towards the deterioration of values in our society but also gave them a vision and wisdom to think clearly and save the society from the crumbling Value System.

Such initiatives are the need of the hour to awaken mass consciousness and build up a strong character in students. Empowering the future citizens of the country is the only way to empower the nation as said by the great leader of our country, Mahatma Gandhi -

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”



DATE                         :           27 APRIL 2016

VENUE                      :           SCHOOL GROUNDS, ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL

CONDUCTED BY   :           STAFF MEMBERS (Department Of Physical Education)


The Department of Physical Education, ITL Public School organised “Pom Pom Drill” for the students of Classes VI – VIII, spanning the entire month of April, in the school ground. The ground dazzled in the morning with the special handmade, bright and colourful pompoms. Developing agility, flexibility of the body and co-ordination skills were the basic objectives of the drill.

The enthusiasm and lively spirit of the students was reflected in the rhythmic movements of their sparkling pom-poms going in sync with the drumbeats. The vivacity and zest of the students was clearly visible in their actions.

The syncopated Pom Pom Drill  concluded with the enlightening words of the Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya who emphasized on the importance of physical activities for the holistic development of the students. The brilliant coordination and accuracy in the movement of the students had made the Pom Pom Drill a delightful treat to watch for the spectators.



Date                           :           22 April 2016

Venue                        :           ITL Public School

Conducted By            :           The Department of English

Attended By               :           Students of Classes VI- XI

The Department of English, ITL Public School celebrated ‘World Book Day’ on 22 April 2016 for the students from Classes VI – XI. Their ardent participation could be seen in the host of activities structured during the day. The purpose of the celebration was to promote the learning and reading, publishing and copy right of literary genres.

Students of Class VI were a passionate audience to the Theatrical Story Telling Session by Ms. Ritu Sharma and Ms. Srabasti Dutta who built up the mood and the setting of the story with ample voice cadence. The aim was to acquaint the learners to the works of the illustrious authors and to develop in students a zest to enjoy the essence of story narration.

Class VII designed, comic Strip based on the story written by famous authors. The activity aimed at analyzing comic strips to identify characters, setting, dialogue, plot and Create a sequence of events based on a story. The session helped the students comprehend the story better and enabled them to learn how to frame stories in a creative way and depict them in a sequential order. They also learnt the application of new vocabulary.  

 The students of Class VIII participated in the activity ‘Twist a Tale’ and portrayed their creative and aesthetic skills in improvising the ending of a moral based story ‘How the Leopard Got His Spots’ from the book ‘Sea of Stories’. They gave an unexpected or antithetical ending to the story. The activity was organized to nourish the literary, imaginative and analytical skills amongst the students. The event offered a great platform to the students to introspect and render their reading and creative talents.

 The students of Classes IX & X wrote Cinquain Poetry (A 5-Line Poem) to describe a “Burger” (Class IX) and any of their favourite App (Class X). The student recognized the characteristic of a Cinquian, composed and illustrated the Cinquain on the given topic on a sheet of paper with colored pencils/ sketch pens. The Students learnt that type of words that go in each line of a Cinquain poem. They could acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate words and phrases to describe familiar person, place or thing and learn various forms of self-expression through writing in poetic verse.

To familiarize the great author and to inspire students to read literary works of the author. The students of Class XI participated in Author Speak wherein they impersonated a reputed author of their choice. Through this activity they were motivated for choosing the profession of being an author and discuss their accolades and achievements. In their messages to the audience they promised to leave a mark on the society like these literary stalwarts.


The plethora of activities conducted to mark the day that was indeed a huge success.



ITL Public School, Sector-9, Dwarka put up a splendid show to mark its Annual Day “Muraqqa – e- Dilli”....Dilli Hamari Nazar se, a chronicle of Delhi, that has seen the rise and fall of many empires which have left behind a mosaic of vibrantly diverse culture and the grandeur and glory of bygone ages.

Mr Akshay Rout, Additional Director General DD News, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Ms. Veena Tandon, Deputy Director of Education was the Guest of Honour.

The show commenced with an Invocation Dance- An Ode to Tridivinity which was a tribute to the three Gods- the Divine trio of Hinduism, personified in the forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.While offering prayers to the God of Light ‘Surya’, The students invoked blessings from the main deity of the ‘Navgrahas’ to create harmony and balance in our lives and make our city Delhi an epitome of peace.

The School Principal Ms.Sudha Acharya formally welcomed the august gathering. In her enlightening speech she expressed her views on the prevailing school system and the need of the hour to augment education to prepare students of today for tomorrow which is possible only if we fortify them with the required life skills so that we, as parents and facilitators may help them metamorphose into ethical, emotionally intelligent, collaborative and socially responsible world leaders. The School Choir extended a warm welcome to the august gathering through their solemn lyrics. The Annual report of the School was read which offered a glimpse of the various aspects of school performance and development.

The School Magazine ‘Jigyasa’ and the first edition of the Science Magazine aptly named ‘Vigyanvartan’ was released by the Chief Guest on this phenomenal occasion. The School also felicitated the outstanding achievers in scholastic and co scholastic areas. Students and teachers came together to put up a brilliant ‘Kavi Sammelan’ which was a satire on multitude of problems like Safety of the Girl Child, Safety of Senior Citizens, Road Rage, red- tapism etc.that hound our city.

The main highlight of the show was “Muraqqa-e-Dilli” directed and choreographed by Mr.Gaurav Pahwa. . As the play unfolded it demystified the myriad faces of the fascinating city. The play traced the history of Delhi right from the Mahabharata when it was known as Indraprastha till the time when the reins of the city kept shifting from the Chauhans, Khiljis, Mughals, Lutyen’s Delhi, finally showcasing the issues which plague our city in the present times like Road Rage, Women Safety, deplorable state of the Yamuna river and the DU admission cut off. Over a period of 1000 years the city has seen many changes. The play beautifully brought out the message that although the physical fabric of the city was drastically altered, the new elements and culture were juxtaposed with old ones, yet the spirit of the city still remains the same.

The Chief Guest and other guests applauded the dauntless efforts of the students and teachers for their exceptional concept and flawless execution of the programme. They particularly commended the idea of students being taken on Field Trips as a part of the celebration, which helped them unearth the real essence of Delhi, a city with rich historical past and cultural diversity where traditionalism and modernism exist side by side.

The curtain came down on this year’s celebration with the ‘Blessing Song’ seeking the blessings of the Almighty to make Delhi a unique abode of love and happiness.



 There is no fixed limit to how you envision your life.

 In yet another session of academic escalation, ITL Public School, Sec 9 Dwarka organised its Scholar Badge Ceremony, on August 22, 2015, capturing, displaying and awarding its potentially sound Itleens. Adding fervour to the crowning glory session was the CIO of Hero Motocorp, Mr Vijay Sethi as the chief guest of the function. Having inaugurated the function with an ode to the almighty, the programme had a successive award felicitation ceremony from class VI to XII by their respective coordinators. Alternating the flow of events was the music and dance interludes of Jal Tarang and choreography on Drug Abuse. The competent performances caught the audience in rapt attention.

 Recognising the profusely scholastic trend was the address by the Principal, Mrs Sudha Acharya. Centralising on the efforts made by the institution, she spoke highly of the initiatives taken to adopt consistent efforts towards moral and social welfare. Regular visits to Orphanages and Old Age homes have instilled life skills like empathy, care and concern in students. She emphasised on the power of choice and its direct implications on one’s life. The complete idea of education is to have a holistic development and school is one such platform. Having drawn an analogy of Alfred Nobel, she reiterated that each effort counts and projects its ownership and impact on the larger scheme of things. Enforcing on the direst need of emotional and social intelligence as armours to life sustenance, she recollected the numerous efforts made by the school assemblies on its importance. Mr Vijay Sethi congratulated the students, parents and teacher triology and coined the later as value merchants. Drawing life parallels from a pencil analogy, Mr Sethi presented a larger picture of integrity, value of being in right hands, reordering of actions by erasing the past, perpetual sharpening of innate potential and self belief in the intrinsic human value. The programme culminated with a vote of thanks and by standing high and tall for the National Anthem.

 As in the lines of Carl Bard....

 ‘’Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.....!”

 Way to go ITL...!



 ‘A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.’

The investiture ceremony of the primary wing of ITL Public School was held on August 7, 2015. Principal, Ms Sudha Acharya graced the occasion. She honoured the newly elected members of the prefectorial body by presenting them the badges. Kavya Jain as Head boy and Simran Jangra as Head girl were elected for the session 2015-16. A skit presented by the students, was a satire on the politicians who make promises before the elections but do not keep them. This skit infused the sense of responsibility in our young leaders who have just held the torch. Both the Head Boy and the Head Girl expressed their thoughts as to how they would be shouldering their responsibility. A wonderful dance performance was presented which was applauded by the young audience, students of Classes IV and V. The oath was administered by Deputy Head Mistress, Ms. Meena Ramnish. The Principal congratulated the newly elected prefectorial body members and had discussion with them about the strategies to be followed by the young leaders. Headmistress, Ms. Anuradha Chhabra presented the vote of thanks. Summing it up, the ceremony was mesmerizing and brought smiles on the faces of young ITLeens.


 English Literary Week - LITERATI 2015

Duration                     :           27th July 2015 - 31st July 2015

Venue                         :           Language Lab

Conducted By            :           Department of English

Organized By             :           Teachers of the Department of English

Attended By               :           Students of Classes VI-XII

 The department of English, ITL Public school organized English Literary week ‘Literati ’ from 27th July, 2015 to 31st July, 2015. Students from classes VI-XII enthusiastically participated in the events held during the week.  Ms. Anuradha Chhabra, Head Mistress, ITL Public School along with Ms. Meena Ramnesh, Deputy Head Mistress, ITL Public School graced the event by inaugurating it with the lighting up of the candles, cake cutting ceremony and also encouraged the students with her enlightening words. On the first day, the students of Class XI-XII portrayed their exquisite clicks in Frame worx and an elaborate panel discussion was held on the book ‘To Kill a Mocking bird’. On the second day, Class X students participated in Turn coats to express their logical and analytical reasoning.  On the third day, the students of class VII expressed their opinions and depicted their oratory skills on different topics through Elocutio-unleashed which was followed by the world famous speeches delivered by the students of class IX. On the fourth day of Literati, students of Class VIII participated in the Zesty Zeal to present their exceptional talents in character enactment done on famous plays such as ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘Uncle Podger hangs a Picture’. On the final day of Literati, the event culminated with Fantasmia wherein a puppet story-telling competition was held for students of class VI. The little puppets presented their creative and imaginative narrative skills. The event culminated with the Vision 360? and the winners were given certificates as a token of appreciation by the Head Mistress, Ms. Anuradha Chhabra. The event offered a great platform to the students to introspect and render their exquisite talents.


Scholar Badge Ceremony

 In order to felicitate the meritorious students of the academic session 2014-2015, ITL Public School, Dwarka, organised the scholar badge ceremony on May 16. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Ms. Geetanjali Kumar a Senior Counselling Psychologist and a National Trainer for students and teachers for the last 15 years . After the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Principal Mrs. Sudha Acharaya , ITL Public School formally welcomed the guest. The event started by invoking the God Almighty with a beautiful prayer in the praise of lord. Thereafter, the Principal addressed the gathering and congratulated the students. She spoke about the traits of successful people and said that success does not belong to a selected few and that it is a fruit of labour and perseverance. She also reiterated on the importance of spending quality time with family. The award ceremony commenced with felicitating the Scholars of classes I- V. The students were awarded with certificates and trophies by the eminent Chief Guest and the Principal. The Children of Class III, IV&V presented a thought provoking mime on“Save Water” which was greatly applauded by the Chief Guest and the invitee parents. The students of classes IV-V stressed on the importance of recycling and the need to maintain ecological balance by presenting “Balance Bigad Gaya” a poetic satire which raised awareness towards the benefits of recycling. Everyone highly applauded the efforts put in by the children.  The '100% Attendance Award’ was given to students who fought against all odds and managed to attend the school on every open day throughout the year. The students ofclasses III & IV presented a wonderful dance on the melodious song “Aam Ke Aam” showcasing the importance of three R’s- Recycle, Reuse and Reduce,  Last but not the least the cultural fiesta ended with a  Dance “Celebration Time”  presented by the students of class IV-V. The scintillating dance performance turned the whole atmosphere into celebration time. The Chief Guest applauded the school and congratulated all the winners. She also laid stress on the focus of the school on complete development of every child's personality. The vote of thanks was rendered by the Headmistress, Mrs.Anuradha Chhabra.



ITL Public School organized the Investiture Ceremony for its newly elected Council Body of the Senior School on 9th May 2015 in the school auditorium. Ms. Nitu D. Bhattacharya Dy. Inspector General of Police graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The Principal of the School Ms. Sudha Acharya felicitated the Chief Guest followed by the Invocation Song conveying the message of Sarv dharamSambhavna and Sadbhavna highlighting that God is one and the different religions are different roads converging upon the same point. The Prefectorial Body In-chrge Ms. Shikha Gautam enlightend the august gathering about the selection procedure of the Council members. The School Principal Ms. Sudha Achrya formally welcomed the students and parents motivating students to add fiery zeal in all their actions inspiring them to lay equal emphasis on both scholastics and co scholastic activities for the blossoming of all facets of a youth’s persona. Her speech ignited in the students the zest to excel in all endeavours they pursue. The Chief Guest and the Principal honored the new Council members with Badges of Responsibilities. Arundhati Negi of XII C and Snehil S Khadia of XII F were elected as the Head Girl and the Head Boy of the academic session 2015-16. All the members assumed their roles with great gusto. The oath was administered by the Chief Guest. The enthusiasm of students filled the air with a spirit of leadership. To mark this phenomenal occasion an enlightening cultural programme was organized conprising of a thought provoking Kavi Sammelan and a trilling dance performance stirring us to comeout of the clichéd conventional norms and broaden our perspectives. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by MS. Ritu Sharma.


Annual Sports Meet

 The Annual Sports Meet of Primary Section, ITL Public School, was held on 30 January 2015, in the school ground in a frolicsome atmosphere. The event was marked by a string of spectacular performances presented by the little champs of class I-V, who were brimming with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Our Principal, Mrs. Sudha Acharaya was the Chief Guest of the grand ceremony.  The ceremony was also graced by the presence of other school officials, Headmistress, Deputy Headmistress and Headmistress Candyfloss.

The Sports meet was auspicated with the official welcome of the Principal followed by  the march past lead by the Primary Student Council along with the House Captains and their houses., They exhibited discipline and hardcore practice of the students.The Chief Guest took the salute and then the oath ceremony was held. The Principal hoisted the school flag and officially declared the sports meet open. She released balloons symbolizing the vibrant hopes of the sporting students that were flying high. The sports torch was carried by various sports achievers in different games. The students of Std I-V presented Aerobics and Yoga Drill. Next was the Bamboo Drill followed by an exercise with Parachute, hola hoops and kept the spectators spellbound The long awaited athletics events were held which included track events and other innovative events like getting ready for school........ The students participated enthusiastically in all of them. The event ended with the spectacular dance performance by the Shiamak Dance club children. The ceremony concluded by giving away the medals and certificates to the proud winners, by the Principal, Headmistress and the other officials.


Republic Day / Club Culmination

 ITL Public School, Dwarka, celebrated the 66th Republic Day along with the culmination of the various club activities on 22nd January 2015. The entire programme whirled around the theme of ‘Freedom of Expressions’.  The esteemed PTA body members Mrs. Pratima Sharma and Mr J S Sethi joined in for the celebration.

 The special assembly began with the lighting of the holy lamp of knowledge and offering prayers to the goddess Saraswati by the Principal, Mrs. Sudha Acharya and the esteemed PTA body members. The students of classes I-XI took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The school echoed with patriotic fervor as the children sang the patriotic songs, danced and even wore the tri-coloured clothes to mark the occasion. The Instrumental Fusion presented by the students lifted everyone’s spirit with its exotic vibrancy and entertaining cultural expressions. The classical dance- ‘Flavours of India ‘ showcased a glimpse of various classical dance forms in their traditional attires. The thought provoking speeches given by Jatin Taneja as Kailash Satyarthi and Shristi Nautiyal as Malala expressed the struggle against the suppression of children and their Right to Education. Yoga club students mesmerized the august gathering with their flexibility and postures.  The Theatre Club students of the Primary Wing enacted a Nukkad Natak which showcased   sensitive issues of the rights of girl child, increasing corruption and role of youth in country’s progress. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ria Popli.

 The programme concluded with very inspiring speech given by the Principal. She emphasized on the need to be updated about the current happenings in the world. She also interacted on the need and realization of practising Freedom of Speech…. but to be cautiously pursued without hurting the sentiments of others. The school premises reverberated with the patriotic resonance ……!



Christmas Celebration

 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

 The auspicious eve of Christmas, December 24, 2014 was an illuminating moment for all the students of ITL Public School as the school observed Christmas celebration which spread the message of peace, contentment and spirituality. The event began with lighting of the holy candle by the Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya. An enlightening speech by Neelkanth of class X sensitized everyone to strive for peace and mutual edification. The school choir mesmerized the audience and gripped their attention by their melodious chanting of Christmas carols. A skit was enacted by the students of classes VI to XI which was based on a novella, ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens that explored and rejuvenated Christmas traditions from the past and reflected on the themes of faith in humanity and spiritual growth. The skit involved selection of students based on auditions and unwavering devotion and commitment of students across class1-11. The play started with the “mop dance” by the students of class 3 & 4, followed by the ghost choreography by class 5. 

The spectacle and splendor created a perfect visual treat when the senior students presented a vibrant dance performance. The students of classes I and II added glimpses of divine presence as they came dressed as Santa, stars, moon and angels to spread the aura of hope and goodness all around. Santa’s grand entry in a carriage, left the students in cheerful mirth and excitement. Following this was a prize distribution for the achievers who brought laurels to the school at inter school, intra state and national level competitions. Gyan Sara was presented with the Student of the Year award for her academic excellence and contributions to the school. The event was concluded with an inspiring speech by Principal Ma’am in which she emphasized the need to bring peace; tranquility and values of caring and sharing. She emphasized the students to realize the virtues of compassion and kindness. The day saw a successful culmination of hopes, desires and dreams to illuminate the future



ITL Public School celebrated Ganit Week with great zest and enthusiasm from 16th December 2014 to 22nd December 2014. Ganit stands for growing aptitude in numerical innovative training. The Ganit week aimed at chiseling the mathematical ability of the students through novel ways of innovative numerical training. On the inaugural day, that is, 16th December 2014, Mr. Pankaj Vajpayee , the Director of Achievers Academy enlightened the students about the myriad applications of Maths. On 17th December 2014, an Essay Writing Competition was held where in the students wrote essays on the topic “How teaching of mathematics leads to inculcation of values”. A Quiz competition was held on 18th December 2014 which comprised of visual round, rapid fire round which exciting and enthusiastic response from the students. A movie produced by Vigyan Prasar was shown to students of class VI to imbibe in the students the knack for Numbers. On 19th December the students of class V participated in a Poster Making Competition to show their love for the subject and class IV students enjoyed the activity “Fun with shapes”. 22nd December 2014 saw the culmination of the grand event. Prizes were given to the noteworthy participants from the Essay Writing, Quiz and Poster Making Competition.



Date :  13 November 2014

On the occasion of Childrens’ Day, ITL Public School organised ‘Kaleidoscope’, wherein children got to showcase their latent talent in any one activity of their choice out of myriad activities like cooking without fire, salad decoration, flower arrangement, rangoli decoration, mehndi, vocal and instrumental music, classical and contemporary dance, fashion show with newspapers, poster making, French declamation, sudoku and many more.

As rightly said by Vygotsky, “.... the basic law of children’s creativity is that its value lies not in its results, not in the product of creation, but in the process itself...”, it was observed that children gave flight to their imagination and came up with interesting ideas thereby making the task of the judges difficult.

All in all it was a fun filled event enjoyed by students and teachers alike.


Scholastic Book Fair

To explore the paradise of books, ITL Public School organized the Scholastic Book Fair in the school for a week in collaboration with PTM of the school from 13th October to 18th October and again on 31st October and 1st November, 2014. It offered an enriching selection of a variety of books for book lovers. The teachers and students were delighted to see the displayed illustrious and insightful books on various fields like Language and Literature, Science and Technology, Mathematics and other subjects as well as fiction. Many books were purchased to upgrade the school libraries of the Junior and Senior wings.

It was indeed a delightful experience for all the teachers and the students and they look forward to have such book fairs which aim at broadening their perspectives.



As we all know, poem is meant for enjoyment. Beauty is the realm of the poetry, the children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words.  Taking all these facts into consideration the students of class 2 got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence through the Poem Recitation Competition on 27th October 2014. This Recitation with the topic- MATERNAL ALTRUISM was the part of ISA activity in collaboration with British Council.  Children chose MOTHER as a topic for their recitation. Poets from different countries UK, France and Japan were chosen for this competition. With a lot of zeal and enthusiasm this activity was conducted in the class room. Class teachers witnessed and judged the competition. They appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants and the children enjoyed the competition. This heart touching activity sensitized the students on the profound role played by mothers all across the globe…. Hence a universal appeal…!  Student’s animated performance from various international poets like Wilfred Owen, May Herschel-Clarke, Robert Graves ,Edna St. Vincent Millay, Otomo no Sakanoue Iratsume added a global dimension to the activity.



To create an impact with students, bring out spontaneity and to honour motherhood, ITL Public School in collaboration with the British Council, organized and created an ambience on October 21, 2014, wherein students of class II were required to make, draw, colour and decorate a greeting card on the topic of ‘Mother’. The task required them to write the word ‘Mother’ in different international languages, especially of Japan, U.K. and France.Having done this, they had to put their creativity skills to test and decorate this with a message or a poem or an ode.

It was overwhelming to see the creativity bundled into these tiny tots. The event was incredibly touching to see them just create on paper thoughts that were endearing and enduring. Participation was bundled with sheer emotional energies and zest - the final outcome on paper was one without any inhibitions and totally creative.

Imagination has no boundaries and this was proven with little imaginative minds bringing even pictures of their mother, clearly defining the role an educated mother plays in the child’s well-being, thereby giving them a concrete foundation on values to start a good life.

Messages were touching and heartfelt. The poetry of a few showcased sheer innocence on paper with strong messages to show the bonding created with their mother. The ambience during the activity even had a few tiny tots in tears showing the strong values embedded in them when it comes to a Mother, someone who is more than special and close to their hearts. The event was indeed on filled with love and a lot of heartfelt moments that words can never describe.


The role of media in creating mass awareness on road safety

An activity on the role of media in creating mass awareness on road safety was taken up under the online project for road safety on 29 September 2014. It was a group activity which involved students of classes X and XI. The activity was conducted for the following four countries- India, UK, US and South Africa. Two roller boards were allotted to the students who depicted the role of media in highlighting the accidents and their causes in the above specified countries. It also depicted the action taken by the Government and various organizations in creating awareness among people to ensure safety on roads. Consensus and inference were drawn for each country from the given information.

Teachers in charge:

1.         Ms.RuchikaMakhija

2.         Ms.Sarabjeet

3.         Ms.KritiPalit

4.         Ms. Mona Bhasin

5.         Ms.Parineeta Sharma


Maternal Altruism

To honour motherhood, ITL Public School in collaboration with the British Council, organized a ramp walk ‘Maternal Altruism’ on 23rd September 2014 for the mothers of Class I students. The event was incredibly interwoven with exquisite beauties of diverse cultures - a blend of sophisticated elegance of Japanese style, haute couture seen on French catwalks and cutting edge British designs. The event, “Maternal Altruism” stressed the ideology that women across the world with different ethnicity and national origin devote their physical and emotional energies towards nurturing their children and family.

There were three rounds where stunning mothers represented diverse nations like the U.K, France and Japan. They also hit the runway with their children and spoke about the importance of literacy in the lives of mothers. As an educated mother plays an important role in child’s well being and giving a good start in life. The audience were also engaged with some thrilling games .The celebration highlighted the positive influence of mothers on the society. Students also got to know about the diversity of different countries, their attires and languages. They also acknowledged the belief that there is no difference between mothers from one part of the world to other and so are the feelings of children. The event was appreciated by all the parents and students as it turned out to be a delightful and memorable experience for everyone.


Role Play on Multiculturism

Living in a multicultural society with people with different traditions and perspectives, makes people communicate with each other. When people communicate, they share ideas and perspectives, so everyone learns a new way to see the world or even a small thing or situation. A multicultural society can also lead to a more peaceful and a tolerant society. In order to make our students realise all this, we organised the event ‘Melting Pot’ on 28 August, 2014 wherein cultures of four different countries-France, the United Kingdom, South Africa and India was showcased in a very thoughtful manner.

It was a good learning experience for students. They learnt for example how Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Leonardo da Vinci contributed in the journey of France, or about the role of Nelson Mandela in shaping the future of South Africa. They learnt about South African  T.V actress CharlizeTheron and the guitaris Dave Matthew. The students also learnt how the United Kingdom has been the birthplace of famous authors right from Chaucer to J.K Rowling or scientists from  Isaaac Newton to Stephen Hawking. Students gained knowledge about the rich and diverse Indian cultural tradition prevailing in different states.

With this event students came to appreciate the famous cuisines, architecture, local artefacts and places of interest of these countries which definitely helped in changing their perspective.



An educational and edifying quiz session on Multiculturalism was conducted on 27th August 2014 by Ms.Nandini under the ISA Activity Project. The students were asked questions based on four different countries namely India, South Africa, France and U.K. The quiz enriched and questioned the knowledge of the students about the music, dance, literature, costumes and cuisine of the respective countries.

Two teams from every house participated in the quiz. Out of the three rounds; the first round was based on Music and Dance whereas the second round centred around the literature of the countries and the third which was also a rapid fire round was based on the cuisine and the dress forms.

 All the participants from classes VII and VIII as well as the audience participated enthusiastically to enhance their knowledge. Ms.SudhaAcharya, Principal ITL Public School graced the occasion and encouraged the students to thrive for knowledge. Some of the enlightening questions asked in the respective rounds are as follows:

Round 1 (Music and Dance)

Q.1 According to Hindu mythology who is the ‘Lord of Dance’?

Q.2 Name the country which has Ballet as its concert dance form apart from Russia.

Q.3 Morris dancing is a famous folk dance of which country?

Round 2 (Literature)

Q.1 Who is the author of the famous book, ‘Pride and Prejudice’?

Round 3 (Cuisine and dress forms)

Q.1 What are ‘Golgappas’ called in Mumbai?

In the third rapid fire round the teams were asked to choose any one country among the four countries followed by a rapid fire round for 2 minutes. Round 1 was the decisive round as all the teams performed well in the second round. Ist position was bagged by Pragati house Team 1 followed by Prayas house Team 1 and Prayas house Team 2 respectively. The quiz was an eye-opener and enlightening one for the students.


Documentary on Road Safety

ITL Public School, in collaboration with the British Council, has taken up the initiative of spreading awareness about road safety. Keeping up with these noble thoughts, the students of classes XI and XII prepared a documentary short film on the importance of appropriate road behavior in the month of August 2014, which has been uploaded on Youtube and school website.

The short film had two parts: one which showed the malpractices occurring on the roads by school-going children, and one which showed how the malpractices can be altered to become road safe practices. Students who participated in making the documentary found it to be an extremely educational experience. They learnt the importance of the phrase “safety first”, and decided to educate everyone they meet on this topic.

This endeavour of the school will surely help in promoting road safe behavior.


Scholar Badge Ceremony

 In order to felicitate the meritorious students of the academic session 2013-2014, ITLPublic School, Dwarka, organised the scholar badge ceremony on August 28. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Tejpal Singh, Principal Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya.  After the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest. Principal, Mrs. Sudha Acharaya , ITL Public School formally welcomed the guest. The event started by invoking the God Almighty with a beautiful prayer song to praise the lord. Thereafter, the Principal addressed the gathering and congratulated the students. She spoke about the traits of successful people and said that success does not belong to a selected few and that it is a fruit of labour and perseverance.

The award ceremony commenced with felicitating the Scholars of classes III, IV and V andThe students were awarded with certificates and trophies by the eminent Chief Guest and the Principal. The Children of Class IV-V presented a thought provoking mime on “Save Trees” which was greatly applauded by the Chief Guest and the invited parents. The students of classes II-V brought alive the current situation of our country by presenting “Aaj Ki Adalat” with a twist and raised awareness towards the problem of corruption. Everyone highly applauded the efforts put in by the children.  The "scholars &100% Attendance Award" was given to students who fought against all odds and managed to attend the school on every open day throughout the year. Last but not the least the cultural fiesta ended with a Manipuri Dance presented by the students of class IV&V. The Chief Guest applauded the school and congratulated all the winners. He also laid stress on the focus of  schools for complete development of every child's personality. The vote of thanks was rendered by the Headmistress, Mrs. Anuradha Chhabra.


Musical Symphony Quiz : ITL Public School in league with the British Council

 Date: 01 August 2014

Music is one of the greatest creations of human kind in the course of history. It is creativity in a pure and undiluted form and format. Music plays a vital role in our daily life. It is a way of expressing our feelings and emotions. In the words of Plato, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

 Music truly is the international language as it has done much to bring the peoples of the world together. To appreciate music, you do not necessarily have to understand the language of the artist. Music is a universal form of expression. ITL Public School, being a firm believer in the power of music conducted an Inter House Quiz competition on ‘Musical Symphony’ as a part of ISA Activity for classes IX-X on the theme of multiculturalism. The countries chosen for this purpose were India, South Africa, Latin America, China and the U.K. The quiz comprised of a mixed bag round, audio round, visual round and a buzzer round. A wide range of interesting questions were asked to test their knowledge. The quiz reiterated what actually was the main motive of conducting it that it is almost impossible to listen to music and not hear the influence of other cultures. Music knows no boundaries.


Investiture Ceremony (Junior)

 ITL Public School organized the Investiture Ceremony of Junior Wing on 22nd July, 14 for theacademic session 2014-15 to acknowledge the upcoming leaders who will be instrumental in shaping our nation for tomorrow. The event was graced by the Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya, Head Mistress, Ms. Anuradha Chhabra, Head Mistress of Candyyfloss, Ms. Tabitha Hamilton and the Deputy Head Mistress, Ms. Meena Ramnish.

 The prestigious ceremony began with the felicitation of the Principal, lighting of the lamp and an inspiring speech by Prefectorial Body In charge, Ms. Monika Khurana, who elucidated the essence of the ceremony. This was followed by a spirited dance performance to invoke the Almighty. The post of Head Girl was shared by Suryanshi Gupta and Vani Jain. Anmol Rai Kumar was sworn in as Head Boy. The other newly invested prefects were then presented with the badges and sashes by the Principal.

 To solemnize the occasion, the Deputy Head Mistress administered the oath to the Student Council. A series of exemplary performances were presented by the exuberant young ITLeens including a melodious song, an enthralling dance performance. To commemorate National Flag Adoption Day, a poem was recited.

 The Principal of the school enthused and empowered the young leaders with an enlightening speech and motivated them to unlock their full potential and build a collaborative leadership quality to perform the duties with moral rigour and ensure probity in all decisions. The Head Mistress proposed a vote of thanks and encouraged the team of office bearers to take up new challenges with courage and confidence.


Road Safety Quiz

 Date : 28th July 2014

Road safety is a crucial issue for each and every one of us and in order to be safer on the roads, we need to understand what the risks are and what can be done to mitigate them. Young people have the most to gain from awareness on road safety, as it is their lives which are most at risk on the roads. Nine in ten of the world's traffic deaths occur in developing countries and many accidents could be avoided through better education about the risks of being on the road. It was with this thought that ITL Public School, Dwarka in league with British Council of India conducted a quiz on Road Safety for classes 1-12 as a part of ISA Activity.

After taking the quiz, the children gained an understanding of the importance of road safety awareness, as well as a sense of responsibility for spreading the message to their peers and family.


Kite Making Competition : ITL Public School in league with the British Council

DATE: 06  JULY 2014

Adding another blooming bud to the bouquet of activities, an Inter House Kite Making Competition was organised at ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL in league with the British Council of India, for the students of classes 7 to 11. The students participated in the activity with full zeal and fervour. As a part of the ISA Project, the four houses, namely Pratibha, Prayas, Prerna, Pragati were allotted four countries- South Africa, France, U.K & India as the theme respectively. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their creativity, manifested in the form of beautiful vibrant kites made by them. Evidently, the imagination of the students took a new flight as one could see kites of various hues and shapes adorning the classrooms and walls of the premises. The activity reinforced on cutting down on cross cultural boundaries and comprehend about other countries and their culture. Such activities go a long way in creating global awareness in students.


Maths Week – Matrix

 Maths week – Matrix was celebrated from 12th May’2014 to 15th May’2014. Classes VI – VIII were involved in it. The activity for class VI was the story enactment which was the part of their FA-1 activities and hence, 100% participation was there. The best stories were selected from each section and a competition was conducted on 13th May’2014. The activity for class VII was Humbola. The prelim rounds of  Humbola were conducted in all the sections of VII standard on 8th May’2014 in the zero pd. The winners from each section participated in the final round of Humbola which was conducted on 12th May’2014 in the zero pd. All the students were involved in this activity also. The activity for class VIII was a Maths Quiz which concluded on 16 May’14. The prelims round for the quiz was also conducted in all the sections of VIII standard in the form of a logical reasoning worksheet which was a part of their FA-1 activity. Two students from each section were selected to participate in the final round of the quiz.

 All the activities of Maths Week were summed up on 15th May 2014. The motive of having such kind of activities is to develop the confidence and give exposure to the students. It also helps in developing various life skills in them. Prinicipal ma’am has always encouraged co-curricular activities along with academics which has always been helpful in the holistic development of a child. We would like thank ma’am for all her support and guidance. Without her support this wouldn’t have been possible. We look forward for more such opportunities in future. We will also give our 100% in organizing such activities which will benefit our students in all respects.


Astronomy Day Celebration

The Astronomy Club of ITL School celebrated Astronomy Day on 12th May 2014, to mark the culmination of the club sessions for the members of the Astronomy Club for the session 2013- 14. The students of the Club showcased different activities that they learnt in various sessions. The event was inaugurated by the school Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya and Head Mistress of Primary Wing, Ms. Anuradha Chhabra. The members of the Astronomy Club enthusiastically participated to demonstrate the functioning of Sun Dial , Hydro Rocketry and also captured the mind of the young audience by making the model of Solar System and comets.



ITL Public School organised its investiture ceremony on 10th May 2014. Ms. Anita Setia, Director SCERT graced the occasion as a Chief Guest. The Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya initiated the students to nurture the innate and budding leadership potential to its crescendo. In her speech she stated that learning is a lifelong process not only confined to intellectual domains. She insisted upon each individual student to get acclimatised to the growing world needs, keeping their inherent self intact.

Ms. Anita Setia and school Principal honoured the new council members to badges and sashes of responsibility. In her enlightening speech, the chief guest elucidated the true meaning of a leader and the responsibilities attached, that empowers one to meet the challenges of life. She congratulated the school on their involvement in 23 clubs which covers a vast spectrum of life. Such avenues aids in hands on experience at school level and later as lifetime application. The ceremony was solemnised with the administration of oath. All the office bearers assumed their roles with great sanctity and gusto. Priyeshwar Sodhi was sworn as a Head Boy and Gyan Sra as a Head Girl.

An entertaining cultural programme was another hallmark of the ceremony. A mime on Road Safety advocated the paradoxical situation on road. The students overawed the audience with their immaculate body language and expressions, with a strong undercurrent message of being vigilant and alert on road. This was followed by the Guyanese Folk Dance by the students. Intricate steps, perfect coordination and contagious energy set the stage on fire.

As they say well begun is half done, the enthusiasm and zeal of the council members filled the air with gaiety and exuberance, hoping for many pedestals to be escalated.


Sankalp Sahodaya Inter School Basketball Tournament

 ITL Public School organised the Sankalp Sahodaya Inter School Basketball Tournament on 8th and 9th May 2014, in which over 13 schools of Dwarka participated. Mr J.N Nehra, one of the most prominent figures in basketball scene, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The event started with felicitation of the Chief Guest by the honourable Principal Ma'am, Mrs. Sudha Acharya. The participating teams put up a spectacular march-past, proudly holding up their school flags. It was followed by a beautiful yoga presentation by the students, in which rejuvenating yogic postures were displayed. Then, the esteemed Chief Guest was invited to empower the audience and participants with his enlightening words, which surely motivated all those present. The tournament was soon declared open, with the Chief Guest doing the toss for the first two participating teams. The event was a grand success and surely was a wonderful exhibition of talent and sportsmanship.Opening match was played between ITL Public School and Dwarka International School. All the teams played with full efforts but the players of ITL Public school could come out like shining stars and emerged as winner of the tournament.


ITL Public Schools’ Stint with Interschool Events – Scintillations 2014

ITL Public School, Sector – 9, Dwarka organised Scintillations 2014 – an exhilarating extravaganza of Interschool Events on 9th May 2014. The event comprised of Folk Fiesta – showcasing the Folk Dances of the World (a tribute to the long forgotten creative streaks) and Rhythmic Raga – an instrumental fusion of world music.

Folk Fiesta, primarily aimed at the revival of Folk Dances, acquainting and familiarising the students to its rich legacy and learning the nuances. As a follow up, all the participant schools researched on folk dance form, gave a prologue to the performance and exhibited an enthralling act, keeping the authenticity of the folk dance intact. The Rhythmic Raga portal catered to a lavish opportunity of blending an Indian music to other International musical forms.

Scintillations 2014 saw the enthusiastic participants of many reputed schools. The Principal, ITL Public School, Ms. Sudha Acharya initiated the students to appreciate art for art sake and also to use it as a potent force for self expression. The Folk Fiesta panel of judges – Mr. Gaurav Pahwa (Founder and Artistic Director of Gateway to Theatres) and Kala Ratna award winner Mr. Tanvir Vehnival (Sangeet Natak Academy, ICCR, Graded Artist of Delhi Doordarshan) appreciated the authenticity of the dance forms, energy involved, expressions and coordination. They highlighted on the importance of impeccable stage presence along with immaculate makeup, as an important ingredient in a performance.

Rhythmic Fusion panel judges - Mr. Anmol Rai (associate of Trinity College of Music, London) and Mr. Mahendra Rai (associated with Riitam Band) from the fusion Rhythmic Raga highlighted on the need for performance that has the fundamental uniqueness of Beethoven and Mozart yet blends easily with Indian Music too. However, the judges were floored with the expanse of creative inputs.

Sri Venkateshwar School, Sec-18 bagged the first position for Folk Fiesta, while the second position went to BGS International School & third position holder was Bal Bharti School, Dwarka. ITL being the host school did not compete but participated in both the events. However, a special mention was received for the same. DPS, R.K. Puram outshown others and received the coveted first position for Rhythmic Raga. Sri Venkateshwar, Sec – 18, Dwarka, secured the second position while the students of CRPF School bagged the third position.

The winner teams were felicitated. All participants were awarded with certificates of participation. It is in events like such that the students learn the idea of self worth and carve a niche for themselves. In a nutshell, the events sensitised students on global dance form and creation of world music.


Mime and Soft Board Decoration Competition

ITL Public School is a part of the ISA. In league with the British Council it has taken a project on sensitizing the students to develop an understanding of the various aspects of road safety and how although an integral part of our lives, it is often overlooked. Various assemblies, talks by Traffic police personnel, power point presentations have been conducted to make them aware of road ethics.

In continuation with the same, a mime, depicting the careless and callous attitude of people on roads was performed by the students of the school. This presentation brought home the message that we cannot take the safety of our lives for granted and that we need to adopt a more courteous and considerate behavior, demonstrating care, for the safety of others on road.

Simultaneously the school also organized a Soft Board Decoration competition for all classes on topics related to Road safety.  The students expressed their thought processes, their comprehension of the situations on road, their apprehensions and likely situations through an impactful and creative presentation that generated a lot of awareness thus endowing the students with a new vision towards road safety. The efforts of the students were highly appreciated by the PTA Body members who also judged the competition.

These activities have involved and made the students realize how road safety is a fundamental part of everyone’s life and has paramount significance universally.


Earth Edification Assembly

 To demonstrate support for protection with action on global environmental issues students of ITL Public School, Dwarka conducted an assembly ‘EARTH EDIFICATION’ on 30th April 2014 as a part of ISA Activity. The students enacted a street play to sensitise the students towards the cause and effect of their actions. The guest speaker for the assembly Dr. Nitish Dogra, an environmentalist motivated the students to act responsibly and make each day as an Earth day. Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya emphasized the need to conserve and preserve planet Earth. She also encouraged the students to make positive contributions towards saving energy and resources.


Earth Day Rally

Realising the global impact of our actions the students of ITL Public School, Dwarka initiated an EARTH DAY rally on 22nd April 2014, to sensitise the students and people about conserving environment. The rally was conducted within the school premises and in Dwarka sector 6, 7 and 10 markets where people and shopkeepers stood up against wastage of resources and took a pledge to contribute as responsible citizen. A street play was also presented by the students which had a profound impact on the spectators. The effort of the students could be seen in the making of placard and banners the zest and the zeal they showed in carrying the banners and chanting the slogans in and around the school was greatly welcomed by onlookers. The rally was enlightening and has surely been an experience for the ITLeens to understand that saving Mother Earth is an integral part of our lives and has paramount importance worldwide.


Inter House Poster Making Competition ( ISA Activity)

The students of classes VI to X participated in Inter House Poster Making Competition held on 16th April 2014, in the school premises. The event was organized by the Science Department. Topics were mainly chosen on Earth Day, as a positive step towards conservation of our environment. The competition was mainly organized to sensitize the students towards Global Environmental issues and develop an understanding among the students about the cause and effect of our actions towards the environmental degradation and how their small efforts can contribute to save our mother Earth.


 Assembly on Road Safety

  As a part of the International School Award started in league with the British Council, ITL Public School organized a plethora of activities. An enthusiastic assembly was conducted on "Road Safety" by the students of the school, on 16th April 2014, in the school premises, to mark the decade 2011-2020 as the  Road Safety decade, as declared by the United Nations. The assembly was graced by traffic police personnel who acquainted the students to road safety rules, ethics and code of conduct to be followed while on road.

 The assembly was an amalgamation of a motivational talk on road safety and an interaction of the traffic police personnel with the students regarding the daily life traffic situations of teenagers and young adults. The assembly turned into a lively debate on what to do and what not, while on  roads. The students and teachers put up their grievances and also gave their suggestions to combat this issue of global relevance. The paradigm shift in the thinking of the students could be seen who enthusiastically took part in the discussion about how road safety is often overlooked.

 The assembly was very informative and enlightening as all were apprised and sensitized of the code of road decorum and that one should always be safe rather than sorry.  It has surely created an aura in the school relating to how road safety is an integral part of our lives and has paramount importance worldwide.



 ITL Public School commenced its 2014 – 2015 academic session on a very meaningful note. The assembly on the inaugural day of the session i.e. 2nd April 2014 was conducted to enkindle the spirit of community service among the young hearts. The school has collaborated with Action India, a renowned NGO in its sincere endeavour to contribute substantially for social causes. Ms. Gouri Chaudhary, the Director ofAction India was the Guest of Honour on this special day. The School Principal in her welcome speech emphatically stated to nurture sensitivity and act enthusiastically for the unprivileged section of the society. The Guest of Honour, Ms. Gouri Chaudhary in her enlightening speech sensitised the young minds to the social menaces prevailing in the society which are weakening the social fibre. Her concern on issues like shortage of clean water, lack of sanitation, harassment encountered by women stirred the young minds who pledged to contribute in their own way to mitigate the short comings. Ms. Shushila, (coordinator Bharat Vihar Colony) in her melodious song beautifully reflected the essence of Action India. It was indeed a life time experience for the students to hear the pearls of wisdom from an enlightened visionary like her. The school is making a noble initiative to support the inhabitants of Sector – 15, Bharat Vihar, Dwarka, in all their trials and tribulations. On this assembly children from that area presented an eye catching vibrant dance performance Indeed, the assembly planted seeds of positivity into the minds of the students and children were motivated in the honest conviction of Action India which believes in the power of the people.


Affectionate Adieu in ITL... A farewell ceremony for the adorable outgoing Class XII students

The ITL premise was swayed with a nostalgic air on 1st February 2014- it was the day for biding adieu to class XII students. The lighting of the pious lamp by the School Management, Mr.Kailash Jajodia, Mr.Jaju , Mr. I.P Jain and the School Principal Mrs. Sudha Acharya marked the auspicious beginning of this phenomenal event. Thereafter Principal Ma’am blessed the outgoing batch with her prudent words. The Principal motivated the students to dare to dream, to aspire to touch the zenith. The hosts of this show were the zestful students of class XI. They had put up an entertaining cultural fiesta which included some energetic dances on foot tapping numbers, a skit presenting some jovial and lively glimpses of school life and a robust and rhythmic presentation by the school band. The anchors stole the show with their  wit and humour. Fifteen boys and fifteen girls of the outgoing class XII batch, most impressively dressed were invited for ramp walk.

Five boys and five girls were shortlisted for the second round which was an interactive session and the coveted titles Mr. Itleen and Miss Itleen were chosen from them. The distinctive qualities of the students earned for them titles of pride and honour like Connoisseur of Cordiality,Ambassadors of Academics, Miss Class Apart, Miss Literati, The Erudite, Belle of the Ball, Buoyant Bouncer etc... to name a few. A slide show was presented reflecting the years of growth from cautious caterpillars to confident butterflies. Tender emotions ran high in each and everyone as they traversed down the memory lane. The astonishment and excitement in students crossed all limits to see their teachers, the epitomes of discipline putting up a pulsating dance show for them.

Mementos were presented to all the students of Class XII. As part of the celebration there was the cake cutting event, conferring of some interesting informal titles to the senior batch by the juniors and dancing to the zealous beats of the peppy numbers of DJ. Though nostalgic the students left the school charged with inspiration by the pearls of wisdom by Principal Ma’am ringing in their ears that the Board Exams are the stepping stones for forward march. Hence they were all set to give their best in the Board Exams. 



  21 December 2013

  ITL Public School buzzed with fun and frolic, sprightly animation, enthusiastic excitement on 21st December as the school celebrated itsCarnival – Winter Fiesta in the school premises. The School Chairman Mr. I.P. Jain and School Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya by cutting the ribbon declared the inauguration of the musical extravaganza. The school was splashed with joyous shades by warmth, happiness and celebration with the theme being the depiction of Goan Culture. Goa, the exotic and unique land of beauty, exuberance, colour and vitality and the Goan people – the happy go lucky, fun loving , energetic people motivated our ITLeens to plunge into a pool of merriment as the new year beckons us with assuring hope, peace and prosperity. The celebration provided the toddlers and the juniors an explosive platform to showcase their talent and reflect the magnificent beauty of Goan culture.

  The joy of Christmas was celebrated with the choir group presenting joyful carols. The foot tapping dances by the little ITLeens created the jovial ambience of Goa. It was indeed a feast to the eye to see the teeny weeny toddlers in ramp walk embellishing the festive mood with glitz and glamour. The children decked up in amazing and adorable attire exuded the divine fragrance of mirth and elation and the ritual experience of Goan culture as the procession of the little ones went by in the field.

  The spectators were indeed dazzled to witness the agility and strength by the cheerful cherubs doing rhythmic aerobic exercises. The special highlights of the exhilarating extravaganza were the Portuguese Dance and Dragon dance giving the solemn message of positivity and hope. Various fascinating stalls like “Hook A Fish……Make A Wish….”, Smile a Frown….. Feep the Crown…”, Dropping the coin……Caging the Lion…” had been put up. Tattoo making and Nail Art stalls had an enthralling attraction for the children. Thrilling and sensational rides and finger licking food were the icing on the cake. Students and staff dressed up in bright Goan dresses added authenticity to the goan theme. In a nut shell, the winter Fiesta geared up the mind and soul of students of staff with animated spirit for welcoming the New Year.



23 November 2013

A resplendent show was put up by ITL Public School, Sec-9 Dwarka to mark its  Annual Day “Umeedein Kuch Baakee Hain”... a soulful saga of society across time flux. Padmashree Guru Shovana Naryan, the celebrated Kathak dancer graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The show commenced with the welcome dance- an invocation to Lord Shiva. Kathak, Bharatnatyam  and contemporary dance forms were used intricately to poignantly depict the sanctified devotion to Lord Shiva.

 The School Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya formally welcomed the august gathering. In her enlightening speech she expressed her views on “True Education” and elucidated her honest endeavour to cogently utilise the platform of Annual Day for sensitisation of the minds of the students to issues of social concern. The Annual report of the School was read which offered a glimpse of the school’s triumphant journey in the path of meaningful education. There was also the melodious presentation by the School choir offering a solemn salute to the women power. The School Magazine ‘Jigyasa’ was released by the School Principal on this phenomenal occasion. The School also felicitated the outstanding achievers in scholastic and co scholastic areas.

The main highlight of the show was “Umeedein Kuch Baakee Hain” written directed and choreographed by Mr. Gaurav Pahwa. The musical portrayed  the gross insensitivity, brutality that  looms large in the society but it ended  with an optimistic note that the new era empowered by zestful youth will crush all oddities and the truth will triumph over evil.

The Chief Guest and other guests applauded the dauntless efforts of the students and teachers for their exceptional concept and flawless execution of the programme. They appreciated the vision and guiding light provided by the governing body. They recognised the commitment and hard work put in by the Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya and congratulated her for able leadership under which the school is progressing by leaps and bounds and contributing its bit to bring the positive changes in the society.



17 August, 2013 

ITL Public School organized its Annual Prize Distribution ceremony on 17th August, 2013, in the School Auditorium to appreciate the committed and meticulous efforts of students from Class VI to Class XII, who carved a niche for themselves in academics and also those who showed commendable regularity to school and earned the tag of 100% attendance achievers.

A leading luminary in the field of education, Dr. Pratibha Sharma, Joint Director, SCERT, Delhi graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The ceremony was attended by the members of the PTA Body and parents of scholar students. The Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya , addressing  the gathering ,  emphasized upon the  importance of three basic  virtues –Integrity Truth and Learning- that ITL stands for. She emphasized the true significance of the term “Education” which should be not only acquiring bookish knowledge but which should cater to the development and blossoming of all aspects of mind soul and body. She reminded the phenomenal role of the parents in the holistic growth of a child.

The ceremony commenced with an invocation to Lord Ganesha, followed by Rhythmic Yoga, in which the students through yogic exercises and rhythm of the body created a symphony of life. Young Tabla maestros with their coordinated table recital swayed and enthralled the audience. A beautiful song celebrating the beauties and joys of nature transported the audience to a serene environment. The ceremony culminated with a soul stirring dance drama on child abuse and exploitation, thus bringing home the message that the children deserve devoted and not divided attention.

The Chief Guest applauded the dedication, determination and diligence of the students and felicitated them with a trophy and certificate. She also congratulated the staff and students for the flawless execution of the ceremony. 



3 August 2013 

The Prize Distribution Ceremony of the Junior School of ITL Public School was held on 3rd August 2013. The event was organised to acknowledge and felicitate the junior scholars for their exemplary academic performance in the session 2012 – 13. On this phenomenal occasion the students with 100% attendance were also honoured.

 Dr. Alok Adholeya, the Director of the Biotechnology and Management of Bioresources Division at The Energy and Resources Institute, graced the event as the Chief Guest.

 The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by invoking the blessings of the Almighty. The School Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya offered felicitations to the Chief Guest as a token of gratitude towards him for being the esteemed Guest of Honour.

 The Principal formally welcomed the august gathering. She emphasized that academic excellence juxtaposed with the right values and virtues leads to the making of an ideal student. She motivated the students to always work with zest and vigour and bring pride and glory to them selves and for the school.

 The Chief Guest gave away the prizes. He encouraged the achievers to keep alive their thirst for knowledge always. A short cultural fiesta comprising of dances, songs and mime was staged to celebrate the scintillating achievements of the students. The Deputy Headmistress, Ms. Meena Ramnish proposed the vote of thanks.



8 May 2013

An enlightening lecture cum demonstration dance workshop was held in ITL Public School on 8th May 2013 under the aegis of SPIC MACAY, an organisation dedicated to the task of promoting culture and tradition among school children. Mahua Shankar, the renowned dancer presided over this enriching cultural programme.

 Ms. Mahua Shankar, gave a candid elucidation and demonstration of Kathak – the classical dance form which she represents. The spectators were spellbound and awestruck when she exhibited the traditional tukra – a presentation showing the amalgamation of spirit and footwear, the charismatic chakras, the flamboyant fast foot works called tihais and dadra presentation based on the eternal romance of Radha Krishna. The interactive workshop evoked much enthusiasm among students regarding the opulent tradition of our country.



7 May 2013

ITL Public School, Dwarka organized the investiture ceremony for its newly appointed invested prefects of the junior wing. The auspicious ceremony was held on 7th May, 2013 for the academic session 2013-14. The event was graced by the Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya and the Vice Principal, Ms. Poonam Arora and honourable Mr. S.S. Aggarwal.

The ceremony began with the felicitation of the Principal, lighting of the lamp, followed by Ganesha vandana, to seek the blessings of the Almighty. Jayant Aggarwal and Sakshi Nautiyal were appointed as the head boy and head girl respectively. The other members of the council were also presented with the badges by the Principal of the school. The house captains were then handed over the responsibilities by the previous council members. They took the oath to preserve and nurture the values advocated by the school. The young achievers of Class III – V were then presented with the scholar badges by the Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya and honourable Mr. S.S. Aggarwal, which recognized their commitment towards excellence in academics.

This was then followed by a soul stirring song and an inspirational poem. The Principal of the school gave an inspiring speech which enlightened the minds of the newly elected prefects and instilled in them an enthusiasm to take up their responsibilities. The ceremony was finally concluded by a vote of thanks given by Ms. Monika Khurana.



27 April 2013

ITL Public School conducted its Investiture Ceremony on 27th April, 2013. Mr. Premchand Palety, Director Cfore graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Ms. Sudha Acharya, Principal ITL Public School formally welcomed the august gathering. Mr. Palety and the School Principal honoured the new council members with badges of responsibilities. The oath was administered by the Chief Guest. A short entertaining cultural programme was held to mark the gala occasion.



23 April 2013

To commemorate the birth and death anniversary of world renowned dramatist, William Shakespeare, 23 April 2013 was celebrated as Shakespeare day. The students adorned their classrooms with beautiful wall-magazines prepared by them on the life and works of Shakespeare. They made group presentations on the genre, famous plays, poems and sonnets written by the great ‘Bard of Avon’ aesthetically depicted in their magazines. Being a truly enriching experience, the students participated in this event and expressed their thoughts on Shakespeare by celebrating this day enthusiastically. Undoubtedly Shakespeare still remains as a colossal figure of literature to reckon with in the contemporary times.



22 April 2013

The students of ITL Public School organized a campaign against the use of plastic and exploitation of earth on the occasion of ‘Earth Day’. All the ITLeens collectively pledged to take care of mother earth and practice the 3R’s of conservation- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. To make a contribution towards a healthy earth, on this day all the AC’s in the school premises were switched off during the zero period to conserve electricity. A slogan writing competition on the topics –Save Energy and Save Electricity was organized by the Science Club for the classes 6th -10th. As a token of reverence Principal, vice principal and incharges of candyfloss were gifted a sapling and a copy of pledge taken by the students. A rally comprising of 20 students was taken out within the school to conserve the natural resources. The display board decorated by reused articles was put up on which the ITL family portrayed their views and thoughts on this vital issue. Also a small power point presentation was shown in all the classes to spread awareness on how the face of the earth has been changed drastically by deforestation and various development activities.

On the same day 70 students  along with 10 teachers set out on a march holding banners, placard and shouting motivational slogans like “Do something drastic ,Say no to plastic”, “Everyday is Earth day, that’s what we want to say” and many people also recited the slogans enthusiastically along with them.  The students went crusading through DDA flats Sec -9, Sec. – 6, 10 market, Ramphal Chowk and Shri Raadha Krishna Apartment Sec.- 7. Some of the students of class 10th -11th performed “Street Plays” in Dwarka to spread awareness. After the street drama, the faculty handed out bags to the audience to promote the replacement of plastic with jute bags. The residents of Shri Raadha Krishna Apartments offered water, biscuits and flowers so that they could work longer for the noble cause.  The students were thrilled to have the support of school Principal and teachers in doing their part towards saving our Mother Earth. It was a delightful experience for the students and proved to be a colossal success.



17 April 2013

The students of ITL School celebrated the Heritage day on 17th of April 2013.

To make the students aware about the culture and Heritage of the country and to promote the sense of pride and belongingness among the young generation the Quiz show was put-up by the ITLEENs. There were nine groups from different sections of classes IX and X and each group consisted of 2 members. All the teams were named after the different Kings and the rulers of different periods like (Akbar, Gyas- ud-din , Birbal, Iltutmis, Humayun etc.). The whole show was conducted by the students forum of the school .The slides that were used during the Quiz and the compilation of the questions were done by Anannya Tuli, Jyotika and Arushi Bhaskar of class XI, the compering of the program was mainly done by Gyan Sra and Ansh of XI. Shivam and Venkatesh of class XII helped in coordinating the program. The team who bagged the 1stprize in the quiz competition was Team Akbar represented by Nivneel of XA and Pratyush of  IXD .Ms. Sudha Acharya ,the Principal of the school graced the occasion and motivated the children to become responsible citizens of the country develop positive attitude to become more aware about our heritage and join their hands to safeguard them.



17 April 2013

Cultural activities for school children are truly an indispensable part of their growing up.  Every individual is born with one or the other inborn quality. We all have the endowment and the talent, the need is to show it. For this reason Fancy Dress Competition was organized on 17 April 2013 where children were left free to choose what they want to present. Some of the personas in which the children were dressed included a commando, astronaut, doctor, fairy, flower, politician, witch, and mermaid. The enthusiasm and zeal with which the children participated and performed was extremely commendable.



12 April 2013

The Astronomy Day was celebrated by the members of the astronomy club in ITL Public School. The event was celebrated with the noble mission to enhance the student’s knowledge of the magnificent world of space. The students who had participated were divided into groups, each group consisted of 2 members. One group demonstrated the making of a comet, one group enlightened the members about the Astronomy kit, while another group presented a cute, miniature solar system and also presented a unique experience of the solar work session. Launching of rocket was also demonstrated by a group. The elaborate meaning of latitude and longitude was candidly bought to the spectators by one group. They also imparted knowledge about the usage of gnomons. The venue was decorated in a captivating manner with pictures clicked during the session and posters which were again explained by one group. The day was indeed celebrated very enthusiastically and evoked much interest in one and all about space.



12 April 2013

On the occasion of Baisakhi, a special assembly was conducted by the students of class V on 12th April, 2013, with great fervour and gaiety at ITL Public School, Dwarka. The event began with the speech by Mrs. SudhaAcharya, the principal, in which she stressed upon the deep religious significance of this festival for Sikhs and for the people of multifarious regions of India. The students staged an enactment of the formation of ‘KhalsaPanth’. This was followed by a spectacular dance performance and a Punjabi folk dance. The exhilarating performances of the students were appreciated by all.



ASSEMBLY – 8 April 2013

ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrated ‘World Health Day’ on 8 April 2013 in their assembly in the school premises. The day started with the Morning Prayer seeking blessings from the Almighty for a healthy and successful life for everyone. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Sudha Acharya highlighted the importance of staying healthy for an individual. The Chief Guest, Dr. Seema Sharma graced the occasion with her thought provoking speech on Hypertension and other health issues.

The students enthralled the audience with their breathtaking mime performance showcasing the use of mobiles as a health hazard. A marvellous dance performance marked the end of the assembly.


A Sprightly Sojourn… outing for Staff Members of ITL Public School

5 April – 7 April 2013

The Staff members of ITL Public School went on a trip to Nainital – the picturesque hill station dotted with lakes from 5th April – 7th April 2013. ITL Staff lodged at Mapple Hermitage – a luxurious resort located in Bhimtal amidst the rich opulence of nature. The serene and tranquil ambience of the resort coupled with its excellent service and mouth watering delicacies made their stay a memorable experience. They took full pleasure of sight seeing at Bhimtal and Nainital. The boating at the Naini Lake was indeed an enjoyable and exhilarating experience for them. The staff also did not miss to glimpse into the local market at Mall road picking up some exotic items of hilly regions. The trip at the very beginning of the academic session was a rejuvenating experience – a break from the every day schedule which charged them with renewed vigour. The staff looks forward for such pleasure outings in future and is grateful to the Management for organising the trip.



The 64th Republic Day of the Nation was celebrated with pious sanctity at ITL Public School. The gala celebration started with the lighting of the pious lamp followed by the invocation to the Almighty. Thereafter the tri colour was hoisted by the school Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya, Vice Principal Ms. Poonam Arora and the esteemed members of the school PTA body. Soul stirring songs dedicated to the Mother Nation and pulsating dances depicting the glimpses of the essence of our country ignited the fire of spirited patriotism in one and all present there. The school Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya elucidated the significance of the Republic Day and our flag and sensitised the students of the true meaning of modernisation and motivated them to be true and worthy individuals to lead India to a triumphant tomorrow. The students took a solemn pledge to dedicate themselves whole heartedly for the cause of the nation.

Along with the auspicious celebration of the Republic Day ITL Public School also celebrated the event of Club Culmination Ceremony. Club periods are held spanning the entire academic year where students spiritedly engross themselves in activities of their choice. The students of the Music Club, Dance Club, Yoga Club, Aerobics Club, Judo Club, Skating Club etc. showcased their calibre and forte learnt during the club periods. The students of clubs like Needle Nitty-Gritty, Creative Cuisines, Creative Expressions, Science Club etc. organised an exhilarating exhibition titled Creative Confluence where students aesthetically displayed their exhibits.



24 December 2012

ITL Public school observed Christmas celebration with divine sanctity, gentle gorgeousness, fun and frolic. The grand celebration began with the lighting of the holy candle by the School Principal Mrs. Sudha Acharya and Vice-Principal Mrs. Poonam Arora. With the prayer “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high” the school environment echoed with auspicious piety. The melodious chanting of Christmas carol by the choir group of the school sumptuously communicated the true essence of Christmas – that is spreading hope, joy and love to each heart. An enlightening speech by Rishi Mohan, made one and all aware of the divine realisation that Jesus is all around and sensitised everyone to the need of living peacefully and harmoniously. The junior students enacted a wonderful skit showing the blissful occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ. A sprightly spirit of warmth and festivity echoed all around with the vivacious dance of the junior students to the rhythmic tune of “Jingle Bells”. The thrill and excitement was at its peak when the Vice-Principal of the school dressed as Santa along with some other students came in a jeep sending warm wishes and distributing sweets.

The icing to the cake of celebration was embellished by the vibrant dance performance from the students of class XI and class XII. The senior students in their meaningful speeches emphasized that students should all remain alive to the significance of Christmas celebration – that is they should contribute to kindle every life with the luminous spark of joy and hope while celebrating the merriment of the coming of Lord into human lives. Principal Ma’am in her touching speech reminded the students that in the glamour and gorgeousness of celebration, the true virtue of Christmas should not be camouflaged, and that each student should be ever conscious of their social commitment. She applauded the students for their noble endeavour of visiting an orphanage and distributing food items on the auspicious Christmas eve and motivated them always to be sensitive, concerned and understanding for the downtrodden and unfortunate.

The celebration set the mood to the ring in the new.



 A spirit of vigour and vivacity swayed the premises of ITL Public School on 30th November 2012 as it was the day of the momentous occasion, the Annual Sports Day . The event started after the unfurling of the school flag by the School Principal Mrs. Sudha Acharya and Vice Principal, Mrs. Poonam Arora. The highlights of this special day were the different races – 100m, 200m, 400m and relay race by the boys and girls from classes VI to XII, the air of ITL was filled with cheerful echoes as students cheered for their fellow school mates. Certificates and medals were awarded to the winners by the school Principal and the Vice Principal. Principal Ma’am appreciated the students for their active participation and emphasized that such event imbibe in students the virtuous qualities of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The final event was the race by the teachers which enthused students with the spark of hilarity and mirth.



A very thought provoking and meaningful seminar for the students of the senior secondary section was organized at ITL Public School on 30th November 2012. The seminar was conducted by a spirited team from Muskan Foundation, a non govt organization, dedicated and committed to the noble work of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependents and alcoholics. The seminar began with the felicitation of the Chief Speaker Dr. Bharat Bhushan by the school Principal, Mrs. Sudha Acharya. Dr. Bhushan in his speech enlightened the students about the mission of the organization which was to build a healthy and drug independent society through awareness, rehabilitation and other medical and social services. The students were sensitized to the grave fact that how a trivial curiosity to experience, drugs can lead to fatal consequences. He stated how drugs, irrespective of caste, need, age, gender can influence people and how as youth power students can help and assist people of come out of the evil paw of drugs. The most enriching part of the seminar were the presentations given by the recovery addicts who were offering their services voluntarily for Muskan Foundation. The team urged for fruitful assistance from students to make their mission a successful one. In a nutshell, the session was an eye-opener for the students.



9 November 2012 has been observed as Talent Hunt Day in ITL Public School. It gave ITLeens the grand opportunity to showcase their talent in diverse activities. The school was buzzing with enthusiasm as students gleefully engrossed themselves in activities of their choice. The school was adorned with spectacular Rangoli creations and magnificent paintings as children exhibited their caliber in Rangoli and Painting competitions. A magnificent fragrance wrapped the school in sweet enchantment as students engrossed themselves in Flower Arrangement activity. The aroma of delicate dainties spread all around as ITLeens were busy making ‘Ready to Eat’ snacks and involved in Salad Decorating activity. The aesthetic and innovation skill of the students was revealed in Gift Wrapping, Kite Making and Cartoon Making competitions. Students encouragingly asserted their skill in performing arts like Monoacting and Dance. The musical taste of ITLeens was reflected in Vocal and Instrumental music competitions. Students were lost in the world of fantasy as they zestfully participated in Poetry Writing competition. It was indeed a gratifying experience to see the novel things made in ‘Best Out of Waste’ competition. The gleaming eyes and the sparkling faces reflected that all students enjoyed thoroughly. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Sudha Acharya honoured the worthy achievers with certificates for their active participation and immense involvement in the event. Her encouragement was indeed a morale boost to the students.



ITL Public School organised Scintillations – an inter school event for the junior school students on 22 Sep. 2012. The rich plethora of competitions that dotted the gala hamper of Scintillations aimed at a perfect juxtaposition of activities from scholastic & Co-scholastic areas. Scintillations saw the enthusiastic participation of many reputed schools. The programme began with the welcome speech by the Vice – Principal of the Junior School, Mrs. Poonam Arora. She emphasized that the noble mission for organising this extravaganza of events is to fortify the essence of learning with other art forms thereby initiating holistic growth of children and imbibing in young learners a healthy competitive spirit. She also expressed her heartfelt thanks to the School Management for their constant support and to the School Principal Mrs. Sudha Acharaya for her ceaseless inspiration and prudent guidance in organising this event. The panel of Judges in Scintillations comprised of highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. After the felicitation of the judges and the welcome dance invoking the blessings of the Almighty, the participants dispersed to their venues. The opulent gamut of activities in Scintillations comprised of Expressions – a poem recitation competition, Battle of Wits – a quiz competition, Manthan – a Hindi debate competition, Taal Tarang – musical instrument competition and Warli Painting Competition. The outstanding achievers in each category were given prizes by the School Principal and the Vice – Principal of the junior School. The students of ITL Public School with the highest number of prizes were the worthy achievers of the Best School Trophy, but being the host school,ITL gracefully passed on the trophy to the next deserving team, that is, to Shri Venkateshwar who triumphantly bagged this prestigious award. In a nutshell Scintillations was a grand success giving the students a potent platform to showcase their sprightly potential.



Teachers Day was celebrated in a grand and gorgeous manner in our school. The hosts of this gala day were the students of class XI . The celebration began by conferring titles on the teachers like “Ms. Exuberant” , “Ms 10 on 10” , Ms. Genuine”, “Ms. Creative Calculator” etc .Our respected Principal Ma’am was honoured with the title ‘Kohinoor of ITL’ and our worthy Vice Principal was felicitated with the title ‘ Elegant Eloquence’ The school ambience was agog with mirth and hilarity as the students played popular hindi songs befitting the characteristics of teachers.

The second segment of the Teachers Day Celebration was held in the school auditorium. This celebration was indeed unique as the teachers only were the performers. It was a great experience to witness the innate potential and talent of the teachers. ‘Letter of Appreciation’ was awarded to the teachers recognizing their hard work. The grand day ended with a sumptuous lunch by the school management.



ITL Public School conducted a special assembly to celebrate Independence Day on August 14, 2012 to pay homage to our leaders who had been instrumental to give us free India. Also the programme for the day highlighted the onus and the responsibility which the Indian youth got to realize. We, not only need to be politically aware but also to bring about a change in our social fabric.

The aim of the programme was to realize the true worth of our independence, inculcating values in our demeanour & action and also to make students responsible citizens so as to shape a truly resurgent India.

The programme started with flag hoisting by the Principal, ITL Public school, Ms. Sudha Acharya. The patriotic song – Vande Mataram set the ambience for the day. Students of class XII gave a speech, thereby enlightening the school about the present scenario of free India and youths’ perspective for the future. Students recited poem for their mother land which augured a sense of cohesion for one’s country. Dance choreographed by the students was icing on cake. The Principal Ms. Sudha Acharya inspired the gathering with a motivating speech on the role of students for future economic stability, stressing on value-based learning and revival of educational system to make students as responsible global citizens.

The programme culminated with the prize distribution ceremony from the Principal, Vice-Principal (Sr. / Jr wing). Meritorious students who brought laurels from various sectors were honored.

All together and elevating experience for all.



The school is a place where all-round development of a child takes place. The teachers make the students aware about the great culture and heritage, they belong to. Janmashtami is one of the most important religious festivals of India. It is celebrated on the birth day of Lord Krishna. To make the children aware about the importance of Janmashtami, all the students and teachers of ITL Public School, junior wing gathered in the morning assembly on 8th of August, 2012. The students delivered mind-blowing performances through play, dance, etc. Through the assembly the message was given that truth conquers all and the truth always wins over the evil. It is expected that the children will be able to realize the importance of moral values in our life.



ITL Public school organized its Annual Exhibition- Spectrum - A Vibrant Vibgyor of Knowledge on 4th August2012. The Exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. Vandana K. Jena, Senior Advisor, Planning Commission. The event was a culmination of months’ long journey when the students of the secondary and the senior secondary section spent time soaking in the rich experiences from all the classes in various subjects. The ambitious projects ranged from innovation to practical application of various subjects to the cutting edge to expression in various languages.

The exhibition was a superb example of promising young minds charming visitors with their enthusiasm and confidence, taking charge of their own learning and excited about transferring their classroom learning to real life application. The experience was a great testimony to the rich benefits of enquiry and collaboration.

On this day the school also organized its Annual Prize Distribution ceremony. The program started with the felicitation of the Chief Guest by the Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya who also addressed the august gathering. The event started with an invocation to the Gods rendering a pious serenity to the occasion. The school commended andhonoured the meritorious students of classes X and XII who excelled in various subjects and brought laurels to the school.

The Chief Guest applauded the efforts of the staff and the students for the flawless execution of the program. The Vice Principal Ms. Kiran Dharmadhikari proposed a Vote of Thanks.



To appreciate the meticulous efforts of the academically outstanding students and students with full attendance of ITL Public School, Prize distribution function was organized on 28 July 2012 in the school auditorium.

Mr. N C Kaushik, Education Officer from Directorate of Education graced the event as the chief guest. Parents of the achievers were also invited for the ceremony. Our Principal, Ms. Sudha Acharya felicitated the guests. To motivate the achievers they were presented a trophy with a certificate as a token of success.

The event commenced with a Lord Ganesha’s prayer. Children expressed their talent through different cultural activities like a song and classical fusion which made it a big show. Vote of thanks was given by Vice Principal of the school. The chief guest encouraged the students to endeavor and achieve success in their life further too. Overall the event was mesmerizing and appreciated by the audience.


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