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ITL Public School in collaboration with the Edufiesta Expeditions organized a four days trip to ISRO- Chennai, an amalgamation of science and culture. 50 Students of XI-XII along with 6 teachers went for the same.

Upon arrival to Chennai, students visited Santhome Cathedral Basilica where they witnessed the sacred prayer service held at the church.  After the visit to the church we headed to the largest Chennai beach, Marina where they enjoyed the pleasant weather and cool waves.

Day 2's journey was towards the only space port of India. Chennai-Shriharikota- High Altitude Range (SHAR) accompanied by a guide, who was an ISRO employee. Students visited the Mission Control Centre (MCC) and were made to sit in the VVIP gallery  (where  the  Prime  Minister  and  other  dignitaries  sit)  and  were  shown  a documentary on SHAR and how far we have come as a nation in terms of technology.

A senior scientist, the program Director at ISRO took a session with the students and explained the functioning of ISRO, and various careers options and pathways to ISRO. After MCC the students visited the launch pads. At Launch pad 2 they were filled with pride after knowing that it's the same place  from where Chandrayan and Mars mission was launched. On visiting launch pad 1, they learnt that it is used for lighter satellites, and from there a very crucial test launch is scheduled for October 21, 2023. It was a lifetime experience,  a day  that  has been  captured by the lens of our eyes. The entire exposure to such an advanced technology and innovative thinking is of a great value addition for the students.

A Landmark in India’s Scientific Progess – India’s Only Spaceport SHAR ( Shriharikota High Altitude Range)

At ISRO Library – With our Mentor

On day 3, Students proceeded towards the Golden Triangle of South India: Chennai- Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram. Students visited Kanchipuram which is famous for its temples and kanjivaram sarees. Our Itinerary included the famous  Shri Ekambaranathar Temple and Kailasanatha Temple of the Pallava Dynasty.

The Famous Kailasanatha Temple of the Pallava Dynasty

Krishna's Gigantic Butterball which stands against Gravity- a UNESCO World Heritage Site built during the seventh- and eighth-century CE as Hindu religious monuments by the Pallava dynasty

Late evening, students ensued to Mahabalipuram and saw the beautiful architecture of the town, the monolithic structure of the Five Raths dedicated to the famous Pandavas, followed by visiting another famous UNESCO World Heritage site - The Krishna's Butter Ball which has stood against gravity for centuries.

Concluding the heritage walk at the coastal side of Bay of Bengal, the Seashore temple recognised as the Green Monument Building. Students enjoyed the sound of sea waves and the lush green temple complex. Late evening the students checked into a Beach resort and enjoyed the night with a lavish dinner and dance party.

On day 4, Students enjoyed the sunrise at the beach with some fun activities at the pool and resort gaming zone.

As we bid adieu and headed back home, the trip can be concluded as a once in a lifetime experience, filled with valuable insights, learning and memorable moments.



A school trip had been organized for the students of class XII to Amritsar and Dalhousie from 27th May 2023 to 1st June 2023 by ITL Public School.

ITL is a firm believer in fun-based experiential bonding. Having fun is crucial for school students as it promotes a positive and enjoyable learning experience. It enhances their engagement, motivation, and creativity, making the learning process more effective. Fun activities also reduce stress, improve overall well-being, and foster a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

The school trip inculcated visits to important historic and adventure-based landmarks in the northern states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

On the first day i.e. 27th of May, the students assembled at the school campus in great excitement at 8:30 pm for attendance. They then boarded the buses at 10 pm for an overnight journey to Amritsar. From Delhi to Amritsar several stops were made for the students and teachers to rest and freshen up. The next day, 28th May, the buses reached ‘Comfort Inn’ around 9 am. The students were served breakfast upon arrival and given time to check in, freshen up, and make themselves comfortable at the hotel. The students then had a hearty lunch at 1 pm before departing for the daily Attari-Wagah border parade presented by the army.

The patriotic spirits flew high as the students marveled at the presentation and joined other guests on the border road for a dance session. After photographing these memories, the students left for ‘Sadda Pind’ and arrived there at 8:30 pm. Sadda Pind is a Punjabi village living museum spread across 12 acres of land. It brings you a chance to experience the authentic culture, colors, and flavors of Punjab's traditional village in one place. After getting an entry pass, the students and teachers were allowed to roam around and enjoy the culture and colors present in the atmosphere and relax. The stay was enriched with rides, games, and shops along with paraphernalia from 20th-century Punjab. At 9:30 pm, everyone gathered for dinner where they appreciated the long-awaited north Indian delicacies. Soon after, the and the sacrifices of the martyrs. At 1:30 pm, the students assembled again, having enjoyed the local ice cream, Amritsari kulchas and shopped for local souvenirs. They returned to the hotel for lunch and then boarded their luggage on the bus again for the journey to Dalhousie, excited about the Himalayas and forested regions.

After 4 hours of a fun-filled bus ride, kilometers of straight uninterrupted straight road contrasted by the twisting and turning asphalt laid onto the hills of Himachal, the students appreciated the beauty that surrounded them. After 1 stop at a local dhaba, including evening tea and a photo session students and teachers boarded the bus once again to complete their journey. The rain had begun in the second part of the journey and as the sun set, violent winds and raindrops surrounded the bus. No one minded the delay in the journey because they got to see the beautiful rain and thunder in all its glory. The sky burst so close to them that they could feel the thunder around them. It was an exhilarating experience for all of them.

The buses arrived near the hotel, ‘SS Resorts’ at 9.30 and students were transported to the dining area for dinner. After this, they were escorted into their rooms where they got to rest after a long journey and recharge for another fun-filled day. Their first morning in Dalhousie started with breakfast at 8.30 am. The students then took a drive to Khajjiar, a valley surrounded by green rolling hills. Students stopped at a local shelter nearby due to heavy rains, however, the mood wasn’t soured as students went back to the hotel and reached around 10 pm to finally rest and end the day.

The next morning, 29th May, the students were up and about at 7 am and were gathered for breakfast around 8 am. The students were assembled for a visit to the holy Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh. They also had the opportunity to visit the famous market surrounding the area. The way to the temple was made convenient for all through E-rickshaws which gave the students a chance to experience the local life at Amritsar. Upon reaching, the students were given 2 hours to visit the entire area. The experience of the place was surreal and entrenched all in history and faith. All the students along with the teachers were awe-struck by the beauty of the temple on the day and Jallianwala Bagh filled us all with immense respect for the freedom struggle hey turned up the music to enjoy. Maggie and tea were arranged for students and teachers and they made memories for life.

The sun finally greeted them at 12.00 as they entered the gates of Mini Switzerland, with soft winds blowing entrenching the place in Petrichor. Students were allowed to roam around and have fun in the various activities that took place there. Students also bought various items from local handicrafts. They reported back to the group around 1.30 where a quick photo session was conducted followed by the journey back to the hotel. They were greeted by lunch when they arrived at the hotel and students were allowed to rest for a few hours.

At 5.00 students left for Dalhousie Mall road which showed them the rich culture and tradition of the place combined with the convenience and accessibility of a marketplace. It had various types of food, handicrafts, collectibles, and clothing. Students were given 2 hours to experience the same and gathered back together at 7 pm to walk back to the resort. Upon reaching back to the hotel students were given time to get dressed for the dance party which was to be conducted in the hotel party hall at 8:30 pm. The entire hotel was bursting with expectation and energy. At 8.30 pm the event started and music could be heard throughout the hotel.

Students shook the floor and ceiling with their enthusiastic and high-spirited dancing. Dinner was served early around 9:30 pm. After a quick orientation session by the teachers, students were sent back into their rooms to rest up for the day that followed.

The next day started late at 9 am with breakfast. The entire hotel had been engulfed under a cloud and rain poured down delaying the plans for the day. Students were allowed to roam around and have fun in the hotel until the weather permitted more activities.

Students went to the St Francis church at 10.30 even under heavy rain to experience the sanctity of the holy institution. The Father of the Church greeted students with his wise words telling them the importance of religion, culture, and tradition as well as the values of selflessness and honesty. He conducted a quick prayer that echoed in the silence of the church into the minds of students and teachers. At 12.30 students journeyed back to the hotel. The plan for the waterfall had been replaced to ensure student safety in weather conditions. Instead, the students themselves considered alternatives and after a zesty debate, in the end, students ended up enjoying each other’s’ company for a few hours to put a close to their stay at Dalhousie. Around 2 pm students gathered in the hotel reception with their belongings to start their journey back to Delhi. The bus stopped around 4 pm and 5 pm respectively for breaks. Later the buses stopped at a Mcdonald's where students were provided with a quick dinner around 9 pm. Then the buses stopped again at 10:45 pm at the Haveli in Jalandhar, the students were given half an hour to refresh and get fresh air. The bus started again at 11.30 for a continuous drive to Delhi. Students arrived in Delhi early in the morning.

The trip ended on a bittersweet note as although they were saddened that the experience was over, but also joyous at the memories made. This was surely a trip to be remembered for a lifetime, and to carry in everyone’s hearts in the last year of school. 



A trip to Kidzania for classes I-V was organized by ITL Public School on 9 Dec’22. This was the much-awaited trip after a gap of 3 long years of unprecedented COVID times. Kidzania is an indoor park which provides an opportunity to the students to learn while they play. It is the best destination for out of class learning as they are more receptive and conducive to learning while playing.

The extravaganza began with a cheerful singing of peppy songs enroute the venue where our students were given a warm welcome by the staff of Kidzania. Children experienced over 100 role playing activities in a replica of a real city. We had fire fighters managing an emergency, chefs making wonderful dishes, doctors handling patients to name a few situations the students experienced. The young ones were seen enthusiastically running a pizza store, a beverage factory and a snack plant. They not only enjoyed preparing burger and pizza on their own but also earned the salary for their services in form of Kidzos...the kidzania money. The various playful activities were specifically designed to aid physical and intellectual growth, and contribute to the development of skills and attitudes. Their dabbling in various activities helped them appreciate the world around us and the kind of work which goes into making products, which seem so simple and readily available. It also helps them in finding out their areas of interest and tap into their latent creativity and potential.

  It was an enriching experience for the students as it took them afar from the everyday classroom sessions. Students loved the enthralling day of fun and frolic accompanied by the supportive guidance of teachers and refreshing snacks to munch on. The trip was a perfect combination of fun and education. It strengthened in them the bond of friendship, sense of responsibility, the value of sharing & caring and quality of independence.

Rejuvenation for Class XII students: Trip to Shimla

ITL Public School organised a rejuvenating trip for the students of Class XII to Shogi and Shimla from 23 June, 2022 to 27 June, 2022.

This much awaited trip after a long gap of 2 years of the unprecedented COVID times was reinvigorating and relaxing. The students and the accompanying teachers enjoyed the blissful sojourn in the Aaroham Resorts, the picturesque luxurious resort amidst the rich opulence of nature. The serene and tranquil ambience of the resort coupled with its excellent service and mouthwatering cuisine made the stay a memorable experience. On the first day of the trip, ITLeens and teachers visited the iconic Ridge , Mall Road & the historical  Christ Church. They also got a glimpse into the local market at Mall Road & Lakkar Bazar & collected souvenirs of the hilly regions. The experience at the Adventure Camp at Jungle Livinn in Chail, on the second day of the trip was indeed a life time experience as the  Soft Adventurous Activities like crossing Bamboo Bridge, Climbing Commando Net, trying hands on experience in Wall climbing, rappelling etc gave the much awaited adrenaline rush.


The trip at the fag end of the Summer Vacation was an ecstatic experience – a break from the everyday schedule providing an opulent opportunity to enhance the bond with the peers and also with the teachers. The spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions was conspicuously reflected as students sang to their heart’s glory around the bon fire .Taking a stroll with a cycle amidst the lush green surroundings or going for a trekking and exploring new flora and fauna added spirited sparks to students and teachers alike. The students look forward for such outings in future and are grateful to the school principal, Dr. Sudha Acharya & the School Management for organising this recreational cum adventurous trip.

DATE:30 NOV 2018
“A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind.”

 It has been quite rightly said that the heart of education lies in education of the heart . And a child's heart not only seeks knowledge but also yearns for fun and frolic as well as learning through experience of new and exciting things, places and people. Keeping in mind the overall development of the students, our school provides it's students a rejuvenating break from their hectic and at times monotonous routines through excursions. The students of classes III-V went to Eco-Adventure Camp, Najafgarh for their annual class picnic. The students were overjoyed at the thought of giving themselves a break for some adventure. Students excitedly explored the beautiful rural setting of the camp and the activities planned for them. Students were given detailed instructions by the instructors regarding their conduct throughout the camp. Students were divided into teams and they were allotted with comfortable tents to stay. Students were engaged in many activities like Rock climbing, Rappling, Stream Runner, Trekking, Gorilla Warfare, Giant Ladder, Burma Bridge, Camp Games etc. The students enjoyed rides on camel, bullocks and tractor there and relished the scrumptious buffet. They also had their hands-on on Potter’s Wheel, leant spinning a yarn on  charkha and grinding the flour in traditional way. The students had a blast when they gyrated on the stage and showcased their dancing talent. It was a fruitful experience for children since learning was incorporated with fun and entertainment. They thoroughly enjoyed this day with their peer, returning to the school with wonderful memories and a rejuvenated spirit. Overall, it was an outing that made the students confident, courageous and to a great extent assisted them to conquer their fears. They will always remember this day and will certainly nurture these experiences for their lifetime. It was indeed a wonderful day filled with fun and frolic for all.

Trip to Somnath-Diu-Sasan Gir

Students of class XII of ITL Public School went for a recreational trip to Somnath, Diu and Gir Forest. The trip started on May 21, 2018, when students boarded the Rajdhani Express to Ahmedabad.  The visit to the Somnath Temple at the very beginning added a pious edge to the trip. The next destination was the Ghoghla beach in Diu, where the students enjoyed the vast expanse of the awe inspiring sea.

The lavish and spacious resort and the foot tapping dance were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The next tourist point for them were Nagua beach, INS khukri and St Francis Church bearing testimony to the rich legacy of our glorious past.

The next destination was the journey to the adventurous Gir forest where everyone caught a very exciting glimpse of the mighty Indian lion in its natural habitat. While doing the safari the students had a view of animals like leopards, blue bulls, deer etc. The students had a rare experience of enjoying a welcome dance by the tribals of Africa, organized by the Resort at Gir.

The team returned back on May 26 enlivened by rejuvenating experiences.


Educational tours are about imparting learning to provide a good base of actual hands-on experience of history that boosts the mind of every student with more innovative ideas by discovering varied aspects through travelling.

The students of  Classes VI – IX, ITL Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi got a golden opportunity to visit the Golden City of India—Amritsar for a two day excursion from Monday, 27 November – Wednesday 29 November 2017. The trip was indeed a very memorable one as they visited all the places of tourist interest in the city, that is—The Wagah Border, Durgiana Temple, Golden Temple and JallianwalaBagh. They were accompanied by the middle school coordinator, Ms. Reena Shankar along with the respective Class teachers.

The students boarded Swarna Shatabdi Express train on 27 November 2017 from the New Delhi railway station and reached their much awaited destination with a lot of enthusiasm. Amritsar (also called Ambarsar), which literally means a pool of nectar, is known as the city of the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib), the spiritual and cultural centre for the Sikh religion. Peace, calm and divine – only words to describe the feeling when everyone entered the Golden Temple, the holy place of the Sikhs.

The students visited ‘Sadda Pind’ which beautifully depicted the historical, mythical and religious aspects of Amritsar —. The students were exhilarated with the festivals and fairs that depicted the vibrant tradition of cultural extravaganza which is celebrated by the enthusiastic inhabitants of the place. The students were spell-bound by the authenticity of the place.


They visited the Durgiana Temple which is situated near the Lohgarh gate in Amritsar, in the Indian state of Punjab, at the site of a small lake known as Durgiana.

Jallianwala Bagh, a public garden in Amritsar, houses a memorial of national importance; established in 1951 by the Government of India to commemorate the massacre of peaceful celebrators, including unarmed women and children, by the British occupying forces on the occasion of the Punjabi New Year on April 13, 1919. The visit to the place enlightened the students about the historical aspect related to the Jallianwala Bagh and were moved by the history of the bone-chilling massacre.


The students also witnessed the beating retreat ceremony at the Wagah Border. The ceremony of the flag lowering in the evening conducted by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistan Rangers (PR) at the border was indeed mesmerizing.

The students bought some souvenirs for their family and friends back home. The trip was immensely enjoyed by all and on 29 November, the students boarded the train back to Delhi taking back numerous pleasurable memories to cherish forever.

20th May -24th May 2016

ITL Public School organized a trip to Mussoorie and Dehradun from 20th May 2016 -    24th May 2016. As a prelude to the summer vacations, the trip had everything that the students could ask for a getway from the intense Delhi heat and also from their rigorous schedule of coaching and extra classes. The students were accompanied by their teachers and enjoyed the celubrious climate. Stay at Hotel Fortune in Mussoorie was yet another luxury. The students visited ‘Gunhill top’ - the highest point in Mussoorie. They also indulged in shopping on the mall road. They went for sightseeing to places around Mussoorie like Kempty Falls and Dhanolti. 

On the way back to Delhi, students visited Forest Research Institute in Dehradun. The visit added curiosity to the much valued forestry. The wooden samples and its related issues was a perfect spectre of  how we should value our flora.

The students returned to Delhi, relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to take up the challenge of spear heading the class XII studies. The scenic beauty of Mussoorie, the company of their friends and excellent arrangements by the school made the trip a very memorable one for the students.

We thank our principal ma’am Mrs. Sudha Acharya and the management for organizing an exquisite trip for our twelfth graders.



The students of class VI -XII  were given an opportunity to commence their summer vacation in the best way possible by organizing adventure and pleasure trips to various hill stations of India. The summer vacation for classes started off  very eventfully when around 100 students attended the Camp Anubhav wherein the students went for  a  4 nights 3 days trip from 23rd May to 27th May 27, 2015 . The camp organized by Rocksport  gave the students an opulent opportunity to be in nature’s lap, in the serene arms of tranquility, far away from the hustle and bustle and baffling city lights. The students savored the true nectar of adventure. 
started off  very eventfully when around 100 students attended the Camp Anubhav wherein the students went for  a  4 nights 3 days trip from 23rd May to 27th May 27, 2015 . The camp organized by Rocksport  gave the students an opulent opportunity to be in nature’s lap, in the serene arms of tranquility, far away from the hustle and bustle and baffling city lights. The students savored the true nectar of adventure.


The trip catered to indulge in daring and thrilling adventurous activities like caving, rappelling and ziplining . Trekking allowed them to explore the grandeur and depth of nature and get acquainted with the exquisite variety of flora and fauna of the mountains. The boys put up in tents, experiencing the wild, majestic form of nature, while the girls stayed in cottages enjoying the uniqueness of nature. The students registered their experiences by writing journals in the evenings. On the last day, prize distribution was held whereby the best team and the best journal were awarded. 8 best campers were chosen for interschool camping competition organized by Mr Ranvijay Rocksport also organised a three day Adventure Camp in Mashobra , a small town in Shimla for students of classes VI-VIII, from 17- 21 May 2015.A great learning procedure for students, this adventure camp was a combination of fun filled games and life skills activities which made learning experience richer, joyful and rewarding leaving kids wanting for more.


Various activities like Motor Biking, Day and Night Trekking, Zipline, Burma Bridge, Rapelling enthusiastically were conducted where the focus was on nurturing life skills like journal writing, backpacking, navigation, tent pitching, first aid, survival in the wilderness. Students were apprised about working together as teams, setting goals, taking challenges, motivating each other which are important to bring out the leadership abilities of a kid. Village study tour and interactions with native people educated the kids about local livelihood, lifestyle, culture, challenges and a different perspective of life. The opportunities to interact over camp fires, helping each other during treks, cooking with others and moral disciplining by the instructors helped in making the kids more empathetic and social. Students of of class XII enjoyed their trip to the beautiful land of Manalifrom 23 May- 27 May, 2015 They visited the famous Hidimba Temple, located in a deodar covered hill, explored the transfixing beauty of the Solang Valley, bathed in the warm sulphur waters of the hot spring to stimulate and rejuvenate themselves. The main highlight of the trip was the set of adventure sports organised for the students. Students were trained upon rope handling and were given cross training which proved to be a very thrilling experience for everyone. To keep the excitement levels pumped up and to instil the values of teamwork within the students , an interesting game called Marble Crashers was organised in which, they participated with utmost exuberance.


The students and teachers also ventured into the lively markets of Manali on the Mall road. They relished the famous strawberries and cherries that were being extensively sold on the Mall Road. All of them returned with a lot of cherished memories and good times in their hearts. These trips not only gave the students a chance to start afresh but also, proved to be a great stress buster. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy Excursions have been planned in such a manner so that the monotony of the hectic academic pressure gives a breathing space and brings enjoyment and entertainment among the ITLeens.

Anubhav Camp at Chail, Shimla

An adventure camp was organised by ITL Public School at Chail, Shimla Hills, in the lap of nature, from 21 May’14 – 24 May’14 for the students of classes 9 & 10 in collaboration with Great Rocksport Pvt. Ltd. After a brief orientation & tent allotment, the students were divided into three groups namely Wild Tigers, Camp Rockers & Camp Killers. Under the supervision of school teachers and professional instructors from Rocksport, the students indulged in a gamut of activities like Scrambling, Knot Making, Zip Line, Rappelling, Samba, Tent Pitching etc. with full zest and enthusiasm. A Night trek in the jungle was a bone-chilling experience loved by the adventurous ITLeens. Nonetheless, a twelve kilometres trek to the roof top of a mountain set the adrenaline of the young students rushing, where they honed their culinary skills by cooking Maggi & Tea for the entire group. Students also recorded their joyful and enriching experiences in a journal. To soothe the young minds, the camp also offered a bonfire with light music. Mr. Hemant, the judo trainer of the school imparted training to the children of Chail Village, studying in a local government school of the area. The camp culminated with a much awaited activity Guerilla Warfare, Prize Distribution and Dance performance on a DJ. Students were so enthralled and enamoured by the adventurous camp that they were reluctant to leave the camp premises. But as the saying goes that “All good things come to an end”, so did this camp with a learning of new skills and experiences.

Trip to Bhimtal - Nainital- Jim Corbett

ITL Public School organized a 4 days / 4 nights trip for students of class XIIth to Nainital - Bhimtal - Jim Corbett from 17th to 21st May, in collaboration with New Horizons Adventures Pvt Ltd. Departure took place from the school premises on the evening of 17th May2014. After an overnight travel, students reached Bhimtal at 9 a.m. and lodged at Mapple resorts nested among the hills and the lush green environment. During their two days’ stay at Bhimtal the students had a rendezvous with beauteous surroundings of the town and went for sightseeing to different ‘taals’. On their return, bonfire and dinner, arranged at the hotel was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The second day was marked with adventure activities when the students were taken to Padampuri for an Adventure camp. In four groups, the students performed activities like Cliff jumping, Flying Fox, Commando nets and Rappelling. The adventure, as a whole was enjoyed by the students and they learnt enough about physical fitness as well. After returning to the hotel, tired and exhausted, dinner and bonfire was organized which was feisty treat for the students. Next day the group departed to Nainital where they were taken for boating at the Naini Lake and were given time at leisure for shopping and visit the Naina Devi Temple. Later that evening students were taken to Jim Corbett where a DJ party and dinner was organized for them. On 21st May, the students were taken for a Jeep safari early in the morning in the Corbett National Park where they got the opportunity explore wildlife. Later that afternoon the group departed for Delhi. The trip was a memorable one for all the twelfth class students. Despite all the controversies, illness and the fights, this last trip was remarkable and will be a cherished memory for the students and the teachers as well.

Adventure Camp at Rocksport - Camp Tikkling

Date: Monday, 26 December 2013
Venue: Rock Sport –Camp Tikkling, Gurgaon

ITL Public School organized one –day adventure camp for the students of classes IX-XII on 26th December in collaboration with Rock Sport –Camp Tikkling, Gurgaon.
 The students along with teachers reached the venue, away from the hustle-bustle of the town, surrounded by mustard and paddy fields around 10:30 am where delicious breakfast and fun and adventure activities awaited them. The students were divided into groups and were assigned a group leader. Each group crossed around 20-25 obstacles like tire maze, bamboo-trekking Burma-bridge, commando –net, gorilla –cave etc. The crew-members of the camp guided the students extensively at each point of time. The camel-cart ride and the tractor ride and pottery –making truly enhanced the experience of rural adventure.

Towards the end Rockport’s in-house DJ played peppy numbers that invigorated the students who enjoyed dancing for hours together inspite of being tired and exhausted.

The day was absorbing but also filled with fun and frolic and loads of enjoyment for everyone.

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